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Virgo Traits

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You like to entertain in your home, but must have everything perfect to be happy doing it. Both your guests and you and your family must be on their best behavior if a party is to be a success as far as you are concerned. You do not insist on being the boss in your home, but you do like everything to be ship-shape—a place for everything and everything in its place. You safeguard your home and are careful to protect it from material disaster. You are easy to get along with as long as you do not have to live in an upsetting atmosphere. Your lack of show or pretentiousness is evident in your home. In all matters you prefer to judge and be judged on results. You may have many changes in your home and in your environment. Wanderlust is strong in your nature. You always like a change in scenery, whether it be your home, your job or both. You are often an excellent cook and your home is always spotless, for everything seems to remain new.

You are discriminating in your choice of friends. You admire people who are intelligent, progressive and know where they are going. You are a good friend and are always ready to help, but you like your friendship to be appreciated. A person should never forget to thank you for a favor or any kind of friendly action. You like it still better if they repeat their thanks. You are often shy and retiring, making few friends, and are often particular about whom you meet socially. In meeting people you sometimes make the mistake of overrating intelligence. If someone appears sensible to you, that will override any adverse quality they may have. It is difficult for you to be alone. You need people around you and most of all, you need recognition. You usually lack initiative and need a push from your friends. Left alone you will feel frustrated, deserted and helpless. You need someone to bother about you. Your fondness for all that is small can mislead you into belittling the personalities as well as the actions of your friends.

Although he is critical of the faults of others, a good Virgo type usually does this in the spirit of helpfulness. He accomplishes whatever he sets out to do because he sticks to his job, no matter how long it takes or how tiresome it is. He often goes further than many people expect. He is ingenious and humbly advances towards success through hard work. If you are of this type you lay the basis for peace in the world, for you dislike discord and in your own manner endeavor to maintain harmony. In this way you are a valuable member of society, for your contribution is by no means small. Your steady qualities inspire admiration and respect from all those with whom you come in contact. Your abilities are suited for everything that requires conscientiousness and keen mental power.

You are too cautious to the point of timidity. Although you may offer criticism in a sincere spirit, it can often be sharp when you use it cunningly. Although your own tongue may hurt others, you hate to be scolded. Sometimes your wit is not funny at all, but cold and ironical. Your commonest failing is to be too critical and discriminating, especially regarding details. You may be prejudiced and narrow in your views, with the result that you are unpopular with all who misunderstand your nature. Your love of method also leads to fussiness and immersion in details, and your refinement may develop into prudery and lack of charity toward the lapses of warmer-blooded people.

You can be priggish, for you are very moral and like to be admired for it. You are too critical of what you con-sider to be sinful, and you often fall victim to presumption, arrogance and gossip. Your greatest weakness is hypocrisy; you are normal in your own demands and often suffer inner conflict as a result. Some resent your criticism and you lose friends. No one likes to have his faults pointed out to him. You become angry easily and say cutting words, and you are bitter and unforgiving when hurt. You may be tedious, hair-splitting and boring to the point of exasperation. If you attain a high position you may be snobbish. You seldom discuss your thoughts and actions with others, for you value your privacy too highly. Self-pity is a vice, for it makes you severely critical of others and you are good at fault-finding.

Virgo compatible with Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Leo.

Incompatible with Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces.

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