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Virgo Love and Romance

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You are naturally inhibited and your practical and service-giving qualities do not make for a romantic nature or glamorous love affairs. If you are flirtatious it is only because you enjoy the thrill of fencing with new contacts.

You may easily be dominated by one who has won your love, so it is important that you make the right choice. You will probably have a hard time finding someone to measure up to your ideal of a suitable partner, as everything must be perfect as far as you are concerned.

This idealism of yours may cause you disappointment in early romance and you would be wise to be less intent on what you want to find in a person.

You do not readily admit that you need romance, as you like to think intellect comes first. When you do find someone, your attitude is likely to be protective rather than romantic.

You are undemonstrative in affection, as you seem to be ashamed of emotion and even have a guilty feeling about it. You can be very reserved and introspective and dislike having anyone prying into your private life. You really are very affectionate and are capable of great love, so you can afford to relax a little and not be so touchy about what is, after all, a very normal and necessary emotion.

You are basically the companionable type, so you have to like a person well before you fall in love. Your romantic partners usually have the same general background as yours. You forget that love demands understanding and cannot stand criticism. It can bring you a happy, full life if you will let it. Women born in Virgo are rarely passionate and they do not allow their emotions to run away with them.

You think it is sensible to be happy and practical to marry. You go about it in the right way and are a faithful mate. To some you would appear cold and lacking in understanding but, if you marry someone with a similar intellect, it will be a delightful association. You are loyal and adaptable and make a good partner. You hate discord and will even stay married to avoid it. You are a kind, co-operative mate, suited to domesticity, and reliable.

On the other hand, your married life may be unsettled and not too happy.

As a lover you are attentive and engaging but, as a husband or wife, you may be uninspiring. You may be so fussy and critical that you find it hard to make a decision about marriage. Frequently you do not make one at all and may remain a bachelor or a spinster. This tendency to be too discriminating may cause you to miss out on many things in life. It is difficult for you to surrender yourself and you do not know how to give unrestrainedly.

The Virgo woman, when she does marry, makes an excellent wife—that is, in certain respects. Her idea of marriage is the legal partnership approach; it is to be carried out as smoothly as possible and in a business-like way. Her housekeeping routine may be perfect, for she is very efficient and the home is run like a well-regulated machine. There is no such thing as waste or neglect in her home, for she is always on the job.

The VIRGO HUSBAND is not interested in love in the passionate, personal sense of the word. He is usually a conventional, tradition-minded man who accepts domesticity because it is part of the social scheme. He is willing to conduct private life on a partnership basis, as if it were a commercial enterprise. More often than not he prefers to be a bachelor. He is abstemious and cannot bear to indulge himself. There may be a streak of stinginess in his nature.

The disposition of the VIRGO WIFE is not good. She may find routine a strain and is apt to be nagging and meticulous in regard to material matters. She guards the family purse zealously and in extreme cases she is mean and oversees the running of the home like a fox.

The VIRGO HUSBAND is a man capable of making good provision for his wife and their family. If he is critical or complaining, particularly about health and expenses, he is also composed and thoughtful.

The VIRGO WIFE responds to all the routines of life and meets duty extremely well. But she seldom offers spiritual companionship and emotional joy. In her makeup she has a self-centred coolness that dislikes demands for greater personal feeling. If she has these qualities she is reluctant to share them. She may cling to the belief that sex is improper, but a clever man who is in love with her might alter this frame of mind. Her best hope is for a mate who is as restrained as herself. In this type of company she will be most successful.

Similarly, the VIRGO HUSBAND is not usually virile. He may have little male dominance in his makeup and he is as unlikely to demand surrender as he is to give himself. He has no passionate urge and his deepest approach to love is flirtation or a play at love. He is not usually enthusiastic about serious love-making.

Although you may appear to lack any maternal or paternal nature, if you have children you make a fine parent. You will train them in common sense and duty and in healthy daily routine.

Virgo children have a tendency to fuss over little things and to worry unnecessarily. They may lack organization in what they do and need to be taught early to discern between what is important and unimportant.

You love children, but may be a little too strict with them. They have their own place and you firmly believe they must stay in it, and you put this belief into practice.