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Free Daily Love Horoscope Free Daily Love Horoscope
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Today's Pisces Love Horoscope

Image of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star sign

 Pisces Love Horoscope Today

Image of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star signImage of a horoscope star sign

Your Guide to Romance Relationships

Reading your today’s Pisces love horoscope today can provide an everyday guide to forces in the Universe that can help your romance relationships. Knowledge of these influences will help you go into the world each day ready to enjoy the best or reinforced against negative influences in your chart. Using this knowledge gives you the advantage of being informed if you or your romantic partner is having a bad day and what you can do to help make it better. The key to happiness begins with knowing your partner and yourself.
This profile is a general guide to the Pisces horoscope personality. A Pisces or their mate can learn a little more about the Fish's strong points and frailties, what they respond to and need from a partner, and which horoscope signs are the ones that will bring out the best in them.

 Pisces in Love

Sweet, gentle Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac. They are the culmination of the Soul's journey through the stages of learning in order to reach a final attainment of knowledge. They rule the twelfth House of Spirituality and their ruling planet is Neptune, Roman god of the Seas. Their symbol is of two fish encircling each other in an approximation of the Yin-Yang symbol of Eastern Mysticism. They are represented in the Tarot by the Major Arcana card, the Moon. Like the moon, they are mystical, magical, and ethereal.

Because of their emotional and needy nature, Pisces zodiac horoscope sign has trouble finding the right person for them. They need someone nurturing and understanding who also has the strength to protect and guide them. They are so attuned to the vibrations of everyone and everything around them that they often seem to be lost in a dream. This can lead to co-dependent and sometimes an unhappy love relationship if they aren't very careful about whom they chose.

The problem is, Pisces has trouble choosing well. They aren't necessarily naive, but they can be gullible. They want to believe the best of everyone around them and aren't very realistic about practical, everyday matters. For Pisces, life is like a dream and they would gladly stay in the world of their own imagination where everything is peaceful and everyone is happy. The real world can be harsh and a little too real for this sensitive soul and they use their escapist tendencies to run away from it. They do not want to face today, tomorrow will do.

 Pisces Horoscope Today’s Good Points

On the plus side, Pisces are sweet, optimistic, and have a sunny disposition that they will try to impart to everyone around them. The care deeply for all creatures and feel great sympathy for those in pain or torment. They will do anything they can to help someone in need. Their general happiness and outlook on life makes them easy to be around. They are shy and gentle people. They are the Flower Child of the Zodiac and all they truly want for the World is Peace, Love, and Understanding.

They have great compassion and tender, caring hearts; when they love they love deeply and are often hurt. This doesn't keep them from looking. They have a boundless capacity for romance that is intense and they can become overly attached and dependent on a love interest. If you want a sweet, understanding person who will take care of you and make you the moon in their sky, Pisces is the one for you. I just hope you deserve them.

 Lessons to Learn

Pisces feels empathy and compassion so deeply that they tend to take on the problems of they world as their own. This can lead to bouts of depression and anxiety; in more extreme cases, they are prone to substance abuse issues. They often live in the world of the subconscious, a place where they feel protected and secure.

They sometimes have trouble distinguishing between how things really are and and how they imagine them to be. They need to learn how to keep one foot planted in the real world and take a healthy dose of practicality. Candlelight is romantic, just remember to pay the electric bill. They are trusting to a fault. It is fine to think the best of people, but a little skepticism once in a while will keep you from being taken advantage or being hurt.

 Horoscope Love Compatibilities

The Pisces will get along best with those who know their hearts: Their fellow Water signs Scorpio and Cancer. Of the two, Cancer has the best chance of giving them everything they need. Scorpio understands Pisces and is compassionate, but their baser tendencies may end up hurting the gentle Fish. Cancer shares their sensitivities and will provide a safe haven for Pisces to dream. They would never hurt the Pisces sensibilities, nor would Pisces hurt theirs, and that tough Cancer shell is big enough and hard enough for two.
An Earth sign that would make an ideal companion is a Virgo, if they meet one who has their critical streak in check. They will provide the Pisces with stability and a secure home life, as well as offer the practicality they need to deal with the real world of today.

Your Horoscope Long Shots

Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fun but inconsiderate and inconstant. Pisces will find Leo very attractive, but they will take advantage of the Pisces trusting nature. Aries will hurt the tender Pisces feelings with their blunt honesty and their irresponsible behavior does nothing to give them the grounding and practicality they need for stability. Ditto the Air sign of Gemini, who will take Pisces on a wild ride and then leave them when they get bored.

The other Air signs of Libra and Aquarius will leave Pisces feeling abandoned. Although they are attracted to the Fish's dreaminess, their neediness and extremely emotional and vulnerable behavior will scare them, as these are instincts that they lack and fear in others. Start your day with a Love Horoscope for Pisces today and learn how to reinforce your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. If you are interested in a person born under Pisces, these tips will help you to deal with their good point and help them overcome their weaknesses to help connect with them and create and maintain a healthier relationship.

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Yesterday’s Love Horoscope for Pisces

Pisces Love Horoscope

   Pisces, learning more about your characteristics and personality can help with the direction of your love life.
Take advantage of all the resources that stars and planets offer you - Free Love Match Readings

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Pisces Woman’s Love Horoscope

These facts define the personality of a Pisces horoscope woman influencing her love, friendship and professional career. The last sign of the Zodiac is the water sign Pisces. This woman is mature and well-developed. She has a lot of love and devotion and this is amongst her best assets. A Pisces female is very dependable, understanding and an extremely good listener.She can understand people’s problems due to this, showing a lot of empathy for their feelings in all aspects of life. She imagines wonderful things today to escape the realities of life tomorrow.

The Pisces woman loves to assist other people and she will help whenever she can. She gives support and she is considerate. If she has friends they can rely on her when they are in trouble. This woman is very romantic and she can easily attract the man that she wants with her loving and feminine nature. She wants her partner to be there for her in all situations so she can be secure in a love relationship. She will sacrifice herself in the partnership for the man she loves and will remain a loyal and a home-loving partner

She tends to like jobs that give her some freedom she likes creative jobs that spark her imagination. She can be slow at work due to her indecisiveness. She may not be able to make quick decisions and she can daydream which may impact her work. This horoscope sign is sensitive to the problems of others and will often suffer along with them. She is dreamy, escapist, and indecisive as well. She may often get too involved in today’s problems of others and forget about her own problems and identity.

Pisces Man’s Love Horoscope

Pisces is the most watery sign of the horoscope and one of the four mutable signs - meaning they long for movement and are restless. The Pisces man has a strong sense of perception and imagination. He values his friends and forms a strong bond with a small group of good friends who realize they can rely on him in their times of need. He is the person to call on whatever your problem, big or small, today or tomorrow. He is typically very caring, gentle, dreamy and calm. He has a romantic imagination and is very searching in regard to his desires for a love relationship. If you are attracted to him, you will discover a real soul mate that will put his ego to one side in the partnership.

This horoscope sign has a strong intellect, is usually righteous and has the drive to pursue his dreams. It is very important that he channelizes his loves and desires and utilizes his full potential towards success and triumph today. He is also very creative and many Pisces men make good artists. He is also versatile and sometimes lacks the ability to concentrate overmuch on one project. This drives him to follow more than one occupation at times. A Piscean man can be tangled in his dreams and ambitions if he does not channel his energy in the right path to attain success; a bit like a fish swimming against the current.

However good and gregarious a friend this man can be, he still needs his moments of solitude. Although he will keep you good company for most of the time, there are times when he wants to be left alone and rejuvenate for further good times to spend with today’s friends. It is very important that this is addressed to bring back the calm and steadiness within him.

The passion and dreaminess in this horoscope sign can definitely work against him at times. Whilst in a loving relationship, close moments are very precious to him. However, let him have his own space and his heart for you will only grow fonder with love. He is also very sensitive and his feelings may get hurt easily. These emotional highs and lows come at a cost. His temper can flare easily, however, can also get subdued as easily and quickly as it started, if dealt with appropriately.