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Free Daily Love Horoscope Free Daily Love Horoscope
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Today's Cancer Love Horoscope

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Your Outlook on Love

Read your today’s Cancer love horoscope today and every day to find out all you need to know about your outlook for love on any given day. A daily love reading lets you know when the stars are lined up in your favor and when love is in the cards. It will tell what influences are at work in various Zodiac Houses and how to work with these influences to get the love you need in your life.
Below is a profile for the astrological sign of Cancer. It is meant as an overview of how the Cancer personality behaves in romantic situations and areas where they could use a little help. It will aid persons born under this sign to understand themselves and their horoscope a little bit better and to know their likes and behavior, as well as what signs they are best suited in order to have a lasting partnership and those that may have trouble understanding them.

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 Cancer in Love

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the volatile and ever-changing Moon. This is a clue to their personality; Cancers are very sensitive people and their mood can shift easily and without warning. They rule the fourth House of Security, and this is something they not only need a lot of, but are able and very willing to provide in a love or domestic relationship. As long as a Cancer feels protected and cared for, they will move mountains to make their loved one feel special.
They seem at first to be crusty and hard to get close to. However, this is just a defence mechanism they've built up to keep from being hurt. Once earn their trust you will find this sign to be sweet, sentimental, and almost mushy to the extreme. They don't wear their heart on their sleeve, but they will show it's tenderness to the right person. Trust and security are the keys to winning the tender Cancer heart.

Cancer Horoscope Today’s Good Points

Cancers are very affectionate once you crack that outer shell. They seem on the surface to be hard-boiled, grumpy people but in reality they are loving, sweet-natured and kind to a fault. The word 'nurturing' comes to mind when I think of Cancer people; regardless of their sex, they are the mothering type. Cancers live to take care of those they love, and if they love you they will be your most loyal and ardent supporter. They protect those close to them with a fierceness that is surprising for someone so gentle by nature, but sometime they can be possessive and hold on a little too tightly.

 Lessons to Learn

This leads us to the dark side of this moon-ruled sign. Sometimes they are too sensitive and they can take things personally. They are too easily offended and when they feel threatened or attacked, verbally or otherwise, they will attack back. In this way, they are very much like their symbol, the Crab. If you step on a crab, even by accident, get ready to feel their pinchers. They will hit and run, but you will feel it.
They have a habit of overreacting to the smallest slights, and once you lose their trust it is almost impossible to get it back. They are quick and easy to hurt and very slow to forgive. They are prone to mood swings and this can be unpleasant to those who don't care to spend their lives walking on eggshells around them.
They are also very possessive of those they love. For a Zodiac sign that likes this kind of attention, this is not a bad thing. Cancer wants quiet nights at home with an equally sensitive soul who is happy to enjoy a serene, comfortable life. However, if you're an independent or brash person, a Cancer is not the one for you. They admire these qualities in others, but they just can't live with them.

Horoscope Compatibilities

Of their fellow water signs, they get along best with Pisces, a sign that has a temperament and need for security that matches their own. The Pisces cheerful nature and sunny outlook are also a good foil for the sometimes gloomy Cancer personality. Scorpio can be a little thoughtless or over the top at times, but otherwise they get along well; each has delicate feelings and will try not to hurt the other.
 Their need for security and stability is perfectly met by Earth signs Taurus and Virgo. Taurus will provide a beautiful and comfortable home and will be perfectly happy to stay there while their Cancer mate pampers and spoils them. It is a match made in the Heavens.  Virgo's loving and caring personality is the perfect match for those same qualities in their Cancer partner. They will nurture each other so well neither will ever feel unloved and a stiff-necked Virgo will loosen up and absolutely melt at the Cancer's sweet sentimentality.

 Horoscope Long Shots

Cancer should definitely avoid Fire signs unless those signs have other planets in their charts that will offset or neutralize their sometimes insensitive ways. The independence and aloofness of the Air signs, especially Aquarius, will feed the Cancer insecurities. Cancer needs to be held and reassured, and Aquarians have a tough time doing that. Gemini's sharp tongue is just too much for Cancer to bear.
 This insight into the Cancer personality should help Cancer know what they need in a love relationship and what they can offer. It should also tell prospective partners what to expect from a pairing with this sign. Don't feel discouraged if you are in the incompatible side of the Cancer equation; this profile is also meant to forewarn areas that might need a little extra help to make things work. Other celestial influences in both charts can make a difference.

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 Cancer Love Horoscope Today

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   Cancer, learning more about your characteristics and personality can help with the direction of your love life.
Take advantage of all the resources that stars and planets offer you - Free Love Match Readings

Yesterday’s Love Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer Love Horoscope

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Cancer Woman’s Love Horoscope

Cancer is symbolized by the crab and is the 4th sign of the zodiac horoscope and is ruled by the moon, making this woman an instinctive and emotional person by nature. She will also display the elements of the crab in that she is soft on the inside even though she shows a rugged, tough exterior. She will also be like the moon, going through phases where she displays different moods each day. She is a perceptive woman who is both loving and friendly and will show great care and love for those that she holds in her heart, with home being her favorite place to be.

Her caring, helpful nature makes her a very good friend. She is always willing to lend support and offer help when friends are in need. They all know that she can be relied upon whenever they need her whether it is today or tomorrow. She is able to carry her affectionate nature over to her romantic relationships, displaying great love and care for her partner. She doesn’t ask for much, but will never forgive anyone that hurts her. The Cancer horoscope woman tends to be energetic at work and has no problem completing today’s tasks on time. She is a great team player, using her intuitive mind to reach her goals.

She has a tendency to be needy and requires regular loving support and can become a little self-absorbed, but won’t tell anyone about her problems. This can tend to lead to mood swings that her friends will need to watch out for and being a good listener she will make her friends feel good whenever possible. That said those same friends might view her as guarded, given that she won’t share her own feelings and fears. She holds onto things that happen in her partnership, making it difficult for her to forget bad things that happened today or long ago. She can be needy in a love bond, which often makes her other half feel smothered and in need of space. Her mood swings can have a negative effect in the workplace. She may also be shy in the beginning, making it hard for her to advance in her career. Simply put, the woman living under the cancer horoscope sign is friendly and homely, but also moody and clingy.

Cancer Man’s Love Horoscope

A man born under the Cancer horoscope sign is very warm, expressive, perceptive, inventive and shielding. He also tends to be very considerate, vigilant, caring and composed. Cancers are very sensitive towards others feelings and thus are likely to never hurt their friends by being rude or harsh. They try to understand their mates and at the same time give them space. Being somewhat introvert he does not express his feelings very easily. They are very supporting and comforting as friends. He is a rather romantic, soft-hearted individual by nature. Being a loyal person he gives his whole soul to both the love relationship and his partner. Believing in long-term love commitment, his other half would be happy with his approach to keeping the union on an even keel.

A Cancer man’s main motive is to earn money; this may put his work goals in a hazy path. A Cancer male works day and night and will do his best to make any project a success and complete today’s allotted workload before heading home. Being dependable he makes a trustworthy co-worker. He is disciplined and works as per the rules of the day and pays attention to detail and most of the time creates a favorable impression with his boss. This horoscope sign tends to get very temperamental at times. He also is over-sentimental and sensitive about topics that mean a lot to him. He can get clingy and will not leave the person he loves till it is absolutely necessary.

If a friend hurts a Cancer man in some way, he would not continue with the friendship and would sever ties with the person. They have their own rules when it comes to making pals. They can forgive sometimes, but never forget. A Cancer horoscope man, like a crab, is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Thus, sometimes he may not come across as striking. Also, he may get clingy at times and so, if his partner wants her own space and demands it today, he might not be willing to give it. He needs to be assured on several occasions about how much he is loved.