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Taurus Traits

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Your home and family, and the money to support them simply and harmoniously, are very important to you. Taurus men are good providers and the women good homemakers. Your home is a happy place to live in and is usually comfortable and restful. You have a homely nature and like the simple things of life. You like the country and are fond of beautiful scenery. Your domestic routine is efficient and you have the gift of making people welcome. Property, position and popularity mean much to you; you like to fill your home with many people. No one ever dines better than at the house of a Taurus, and you are very put out if you are fed badly when you are someone else's guest. You want beauty in your home, but first and foremost you must have comfort. You usually have excellent taste, especially in interior decoration. You have a fine sense of color and are a good judge of art; often you are an artist yourself.

You are usually loyal to your friends. People will seek you out as a friend, for they like to bask in the warmth of your companionship and they admire the sincerity of your sympathy. You are always ready to give advice. It is unfortunate that sometimes you choose wealthy and prominent friends in preference to those who may be poor and obscure. You always like to be associated with affluent and popular people. Influential friends are likely to prove helpful, but you should take care that those who mean well do not break up your domestic happiness. Enemies can be as detrimental as friends can be helpful. You may make some enemies through your un-compromising and dogmatic nature.

Although you may not be very intellectual, your sense of beauty is acute. Your ambition will spur you on to great heights. In material things you soon discover the difference between good and bad and where to find the very best. You are persevering and firm, but sometimes these can be dormant virtues and you need outside stimuli to accomplish what you want. Your life should be a successful one without too much to disturb its harmony, unless your inborn stubbornness makes you meet obstacles head-on rather than avoid them.

You can be brutishly stubborn and blind to reasoning. You dislike being contradicted and no one can ever hurry you. You may be pig-headed to the point of being over-conservative and anti-progressive. Although you are pretty definite about what you want and enthusiastic in doing it, you do nothing without reflection. You may be altogether too prudent and obstinate when your mind is made up. You are slow in making it up, but once it is made up nothing can change it. Your greatest weakness in life is materialism. Possessiveness can spoil much in the Taurean's makeup. Although you are broad-minded in big things, you can be extremely narrow-minded and avaricious in small ones.

You do not trust people too easily and you can be quite suspicious of the faithfulness of others. Although you are difficult to rouse, once roused you are even more difficult to soothe. Although you will forgive a wrong, you do not forget it easily. You may give in to inertia and laziness, but these vices must get a real grip on you before you show obvious signs of them. The weaker Taurus woman is often slovenly, overindulgent and “frowsy.” Fortunately the negative type is rare and it is more often the dependable positive type that we meet in everyday life.

Taurus compatible with Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Aries.

Incompatible with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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