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Taurus Love Horoscope Compatibility

TAURUS GEMINI Love Horoscope Compatibility

The relationship will be quite compatible and prosperous if a platonic plane is what it is restricted to. In a business association too the creative and charming intelligent Gemini can work with the patient, organized Taurus to turn in some killer presentations balanced in every sense of the word. Romance however is a rocky road! Taurus females expect devotion for life and they need to be at the forefront of their mate’s life. A Gemini man changes lovers more frequently than his shirt. That is a habit hard to break. The Taurus will be then more likely break the nearest vase over the heads of the twins and show in full display that famous temper! This can scar Gemini for life. They may be the perfect communicator but being an air sign they are not equipped to handle the great fire that lies in the heart of earthy Taurus!

Taurus, the twins WILL break your heart. They are not bad! Just a little silly! So prepare yourself beforehand!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS LEO Love Horoscope Compatibility

In work, the responsible Taurus may take all the difficult decisions (remember the Leos can’t say “no” if you slather it on thick enough) and the Leo may come traipsing in and steal the thunder. A Bull doesn’t mind as long as the cash rewards come rolling in.
But they won’t hold the haughty pussy in high regard. In a romantic relationship however there are too many things to overlook and it may get tedious! If the lion is the male, the female bull may still put up with the tyranny of her partner! He wants his word to be the law! But if the equation is reversed, it is rather a difficult and trying relation. A male Taurus will never allow a female to dominate him and rule his life. Devotion? Yes!  Submission? No! Things may turn quite nasty quite fast with the bull pawing the ground and charging and all semblance of being compatible will fly out the door!

Taurus, this relationship may go either way! If you can bring yourself to be the perfect subject-you will get love, attention and protection…everything you like! But if you can’t…the Leo isn’t the right one for you!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS LIBRA Love Horoscope Compatibility

In a romantic relationship between the Taurus and Libra, do not expect Libra to be pushed around by the heavy Taurus! They will dimple and charm their way into a Taurus’s heart and then rule the bull for life. A Libra however is represented by the scales and thus is fair. The Taurus hates partiality and injustice.
This common abhorrence of the wrong can help them bridge their differences (which are not huge at any rate). A Taurus can teach the Libra to give that sharp mid a little rest and clear the brain of needless clutter. A Libra on the other hand can teach the bull to live life with a little more color! And the money will come. No matter what! And with a Taurus-Libra association (a double whammy of Venus) it is not far from the truth.  So both Taurus and Libra may have some problems seeing eye to eye but their shared interests in the metaphysical and the spiritual can bring them closer. Hence it is a relation that warrants time and work to be beautiful and compatible!

Taurus, work on this one and you will get a defender who can more than make up for your paucity of words!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS PISCES Love Horoscope Compatibility

To a Taurus the Pisces is a fool. Head full of idiotic and useless notions when like is beckoning. They don’t understand that a fish is literally old and tired. The enthusiasm is long spent in the previous incarnations. On the other hand a fish, even though it more or less knows by hearts the pitfalls and glories of all the zodiac signs, finds the bull coarse and indelicate! And money minded which is as bad as saying “hook!” In a romantic relationship the commitment shy fish can be baited by the Taurus limpid eyes and comfortable body! But sooner or later they would want to go exploring and if it is the secretary who is being explored….Taurus will not forget or forgive! But, irrespective of the apparent differences the two will experience strong ties of friendship and will be strangely compatible! This makes the association worth cherishing.

A slippery soul-the Pisces! But if anyone has a chance of getting it into an aquarium, It is you! Once there…it may feel sea sick but will learn to love you and its pleasant confinement really quick!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

One thing that the bull should absolutely know is: An archer WILL rebel against establishment and command. The normal happy go lucky Sagittarius may resort to blows if it sees injustice and an attempt at domination. Remember their Venus strictly says “No dissonance!” Also the fact that a Sag just can’t see the cons ever, irritates the bull to no end. Just shooting for the stars and bandying lofty words with intellectuals is not the way people succeed. It takes grit and determination.
The footloose archer may never be as successful as the pragmatic Taurus wants them to be and thus a romantic relationship between them may always be touched with regret! The Sag for its freedom and the bull for its uncompromising way of life before the Sag’s entry into it! Hence compatible is not something that you can brand this association as. However the rewards are great for a bull and an archer who can work on the relationship. They might both end up gaining a lot!  

Run! This archer will ONLY give you heartache and riddle that placid existence with arrows of doubt and inferiority complex!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS SCORPIO Love Horoscope Compatibility

A scorpion is like the deep still lake. Scorpio possesses awesome penetrating perception and a mind that wants to expose the mysteries of the world. But they would kill to have the Taurus’s determination and inner calm. A Taurus in turn would love to possess some of that scorpion intuitiveness. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could guess what the boss would want tomorrow! It would make life easier. But the fundamental difference between a Taurus and the scorpion is the fact that a bull will charge when aggravated beyond tolerance and the strike will annihilate.
The Scorpio likes stinging in instalments and sometimes quite offensively! But if Taurus can use its famous patience to teach the scorpion that not everybody is out to put them down, it may be a very intense romance! On any level, this is a tough karmic test! A romantic relationship can last on the basis of physical attraction for the initial phase! But a work relation seems quite inharmonious! The best course to take is discernment and hope for a chance at being compatible!

You two will quarrel forever! Trust me! If you can keep up with the mental and emotional strain…then proceed with caution.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS TAURUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

An excellent combination- compatible and organized especially for a business venture! Being ruled by Venus…money is bound to flow in where two Taurus individuals meet. If the association is romantic, it might be rather a flat one.
She will cook. He will eat with a few sincerely meant compliments. They may not wax eloquent all the time but their love is deep and as unshakeable as the earth.
There will be no cheating, lies and insidiousness. They are both truthful (babies hardly lie) and strong! Whatever life throws at them, they can handle it!

You guys are like two happy clods of earth! Just try to spice it up from time to time and stick together!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS VIRGO Love Horoscope Compatibility

The problem with a Virgo is that it has an excellent memory. They tend to remember all the disillusionments, discrepancies and disappointments they encounter forever! That makes the Taurus quite disturbed! Since they have phenomenal memories too but do not spend time thinking about what happened ten years ago. This tendency of the virgin to fixate on something is the only major problem of this association. Otherwise they both have oodles of common sense, both take their lives seriously and both of them are dedicated to their spouses and family. The Bull is a physical creature and in a romantic relationship may find the shyness and prudishness of a Virgo, a distinct deterrent. But for an association that is strictly friendly, they are the best! Compatible because of being in the same element (earth), the bull and the virgin find easy empathy and emotional understanding with each other.

The virgin is a pleasant companion even though it may not be the perfect match for you!  The decision is yours- love or work. If you choose work, you two will be quite an invincible team.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS ARIES Love Horoscope Compatibility

This is a pattern of mutual empathy in most cases! Taurus remembers being an infant and the feeling of helplessness, the need to be constantly coddled! And thus its already estimable patience goes a notch higher when dealing with an Aries infant! In work the leader Aries can utilize the organizational and writing skills of Taurus and wrap it in a cocoon of vitality as the sure fire way to success!
In fact the tumultuous Martian energy benefits greatly from the proximity of the bull. But romantic relations may not be equally successful.  If it is the wish of either party to be romantically compatible then the Bull will need to adjust to the ram’s enthusiasm and participate sometimes and Aries will just need to dig deep and learn patience and caution!

Dear Taurus, this is a great little dig if you want to get a number of quick promotions. You build and the ram promotes. But love looks a little lackluster!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS CANCER Love Horoscope Compatibility

Cancers are ruled by the moon. Which translates roughly into they can be pretty loony at times! Moody is the politically correct term. They might be moaning and moping one minute and then giggling hysterically the next. Especially if the white orb in the sky is up to some of its waxing and waning. The Taurus has infinite patience and can deal with these swings rather better than its other zodiac counterparts! But they do not find it pleasant. They may take pity on the Cancer for being weak-willed! No satellite a million miles away can push around this juggernaut! This can cause occasional tiffs. But all in all a compatible outing! The Taurus laying the foundation with its cautious and organized way and Cancer leading in its cautious and manipulative manner!

This is one of the best relations you will ever be in! The ultimate spoiled pouters who need to be tucked in at all times and who will never let you go!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS CAPRICORN Love Horoscope Compatibility

This is like the ideal efficient robot of the astrological world! Capricorn can be the head and Taurus the hands! Together they can butt out useless sentimentality, arguments and impractical idealism. The road to success is paved with the stones of hard work and these two can pull the cart to the bank loaded with cash. There are hardly any areas in which they clash. They are both genuine people who harbor no malice and pretence. The only problem is in case of an argument! They are both quite determined to not give in an inch. But the reconciliation when it happens will be sweet and tender with the normally stoic goat taking time out to surprise the pouty bull with a gift! This pattern benefits a lot when children enter the scene. Being stout advocates of logic, the magic of a child can help them bond to a greater extent. Make them more mellow, less career focused and even more compatible!

Taurus, this is the ideal mate for you! You can live your life in dignified affection and considerable wealth! And a Capricorn will willingly take care of those babies you want to have too!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

TAURUS AQUARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

The Aquarian lifestyle of ephemeral brilliant flashes and long drawn out periods of inattentiveness is not the Taurus cup of tea! In a working relation the determined Bull may pull the Aquarius down to terra firma by the coattails. And make it apply its genius to something which can actually yield results. It is strong willed and stubborn enough to do so! But in a romantic relationship, the Taurus can never get the undivided attention of the water bearer. And so this isn’t the most compatible association from the point of view of emotions. There are many needy souls who need to drink from the Aquarian waters of wisdom. And the Taurus can never be the only one!

If I were you dear Taurus, I would drain that jug of Uranus wisdom dry and then bid a gentle good bye! Romance with an Aquarius will be frustrating for you!

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Taurus Romantic Plans

The Taurus love for peaceful nature shows their desire for a calm and quiet life. They just can’t tolerate noise and therefore are not likely to engage in commotion or noisy activities. People with the same affinity for calm and quiet lives can be your best friends. Enjoying the tranquillity of the evening in the company of their lover is one of the best romantic plans for a Taurus. They have a very creative orientation and their strong aesthetic sense demands very stylish and elegant things associated with their life.

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