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Taurus Love and Romance

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You may have many romances, but once you really fall in love it is for good. You are naturally inclined towards faithfulness in love and your emotions are deep. You need more idealism and less of the practical approach to romance.

You are more calculating than impulsive and once you have made up your mind that a certain person is your ideal you will leave no stone unturned to gain the object of your choice.

You look for inner qualities in the one you love. You need steadfast love and you are capable of returning these qualities.

Your nature is basically passionate and you are very direct in your approach. You are quiet, but underneath this you can be jealous and possessive.

You are easy to get along with as long as you are treated fairly. You can be blunt and sarcastic to your partner, but hate confusion and do not like to quarrel.

You look forward to marriage and security, for it means you have someone to possess and belong to. Marriage means permanency to you, and Taurus make loving wives and devoted husbands. Love is very real to you and, although you are conscious of the physical charms of the opposite sex, you take your legal responsibilities very seriously. You will always fulfill your social and financial obligations.

Both sexes are naturally suited to matrimony and domestic life. Although your thoughts sometimes stray to other things, you never forget what is required of you in a material way. You are affectionate, warm and loving and, although you may look for variety in affection at times its absence does not upset you.

The Taurus woman has a pleasant disposition. She responds to kind treatment and is flattered by luxury. Her strong qualities are contentment, consideration and service, which are revealed when she marries a well-to-do man. She is not so much mercenary, but has, rather, a thorough knowledge of herself. She may be beautiful and possess outstanding qualities, and she has learned to place a value on herself. It is not so much vanity, either, but rather a feeling that she must be sheltered, cared for and protected. In return, the Taurus wife and mother is willing to blend into the domestic background.

She is perhaps the most devoted and dependable kind of wife. Sue rarely divorces and will suffer extreme hard-ship rather than leave her mate. Her nature is particularly adapted to domestic life, and she could be described as the ideal woman to help one set up a home.

The TAURUS HUSBAND has all the qualities necessary for success in marriage. Sometimes the violence of his emotional nature comes to the fore, but it is counteracted by his reliability, generosity and faithfulness. An outside interest that he may allow to intrude into his domestic routine is often only a fleeting one, and he never really neglects his home. He likes to be the boss and resents his wife's attempts to direct his affairs.

The TAURUS WIFE is a loving mother and wife and she may surpass herself in this direction if she is satisfied with her husband's efforts on her behalf. She is “pushy” in a quiet way and likes her husband to be ambitious. Outwardly she is reserved, realm and everybody's friend, but beneath she may be jealous and very fond of the worldly things of life.

The TAURUS HUSBAND adores his wife and children and makes every effort to give them all necessities and the best home and education that he can. He may marry into a class above him, because he is ambitious to establish himself. If he is successful he will want to go on toward higher social circles.

The TAURUS WIFE infrequently doubts her husband's affection, largely because it seldom strays. She makes no secret of her love, but expects something in return. Beneath all her goodness there is a persistent streak. She is determined to enjoy life and, although she can well look after and help herself, she goes out of her way to be very dependent.

The TAURUS HUSBAND has a keen appreciation of beauty and, in order to hold his attention through life, his wife must always look attractive. He loves to be depended upon and likes to feel that he is the sole provider and responsible for his family's happiness. He seldom finds domestic life tiresome and never regrets marriage. Unlike most men, he does not think back regretfully to the days when he was free to do as he pleased.

You are usually strict with your children and may even appear tyrannical to them. However, you have good intentions and they will profit in the long run. You are a capable and conscientious parent and like to lead a dignified family life.

You do not consider that your children have the same rights as you, and are careful to see that they always treat you with respect. They will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction, especially when you have brought them up properly. Taurus children are stalwart, but emotional security is their greatest need. Without this they may become quiet and withdrawn. With careful attention their personalities will develop slowly but surely.