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Scorpio Traits

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Although you are temperamentally un-suited to a well-ordered domestic life, you are adaptable, and once you are settled you put all the management and energy of your passionate nature into your home. You have a gift for making it comfortable, and even luxurious. Your house is generally tastefully designed, but may be more ostentatious than modest. You are proud of your wife and family and like to show them off in a setting you feel they warrant. It provides you with an outlet for your artistic and creative urge, which is very strong. Sometimes the flamboyant streak in your nature gets out of control. You like to be the boss in your home and always like the final say in any matter. Behind this is your feeling that no other decision is as good as your own. Environment can play a vital part in your success and the love and understanding you find in your home are important.

Powerful and practical friends, influential people of property and office-holders come into your range of friends. Very often there is no solid basis for a long-range acquaintance. Sometimes the parents or superiors of a Scorpio may point out a weakness to them, and all parties concerned then go through a critical time. This may lead to a greater appreciation on the part of the Scorpio and there is more affection on both sides. A Scorpio makes mistakes but is forgiven all through life and anyone who gets close enough to understand his nature may be his friend for life.

If you learn to control your violent nature your chances of being more popular will increase and others will be more sympathetic towards your ups-and-downs. You are nearly always impossible in an argument, for only you can win. You should make the most of cultivating the brilliant friendships and influential persons whom you have the opportunities to meet. You are generally quiet and like to spend much time alone, although you also like society. It is not your nature to make a fleeting acquaintance or light conversation and your friends may find you deep and difficult to understand.

You are an indispensable part of humanity and are earnest and brave. You are decisive in word and action, and are persevering and determined once you have set yourself a goal. Whatever you gain in life is earned through sheer hard work. You make straight for your objective without beating about the bush. You are combative and refuse to be side-tracked by misfortune. Although you appear hard on the surface, deep inside there is great tenderness. You have profound and enduring feelings and, if a strong Scorpio, these become set and develop into an unwavering devotion to principle, deep sympathy and true understanding. You still maintain your strength of conviction and faith in yourself in the face of all opposition.

Often you have an urge to be self-indulgent and power-ful feelings constantly tempt you. Few Scorpios go through life without facing temptation. The strong type is able to develop self-control and self-denial. If you are of this strong type you will be dignified and possess a sense of pride and self-respect. Your manner and speech are generally restrained and grave and you do not readily unbend, even in society. You have a natural tendency towards what is secret and hidden and love probing mysteries and getting to the bottom of things. You are generally very observant and proceed cautiously in spite of your fearlessness.

You may have a sort of vicious strength and daring intensity. The weaker type of Scorpio is capable of cunning and cruelty. The deep feelings that are common to most Scorpios are more uncertain in the weaker type, who is given to bitter dislikes and hatreds often nursed for a lifetime. If you are of this type, even though you may have to wait many years, eventually you will settle the account. The only reason for revenge is to get the person or condition out of your system. The weaker Scorpios are extremely sensitive to imagined slights or injustices. Often they think themselves victimized or undervalued and relieve their feelings through constant boasting. They take a secret pleasure in being tricky, subtle and clever, and often disconcert others with blatant displays of knowledge. They often worry about things that never happen. Whatever good they achieve is colored by their own pessimistic temperament, even though their common sense and experience have taught them that the facts are different. Often these negative qualities appear in childhood, but die out with good training. In both types there are strong affections and the making of solid citizens and worthy friends.

    Scorpio compatible with Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Libra.

    Incompatible with Aquarius, Taurus, Leo,

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