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Scorpio Love and Romance

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You are as dynamic and intense in romance as you are in everything else you do. Love plays a vital part in your life and to keep your life running smoothly you must have sympathy, understanding and affection. Your romances may have their trials. You thrive on compliments and appreciation from your loved one, but when criticized you are moody and disagreeable. However, there is no limit to the trouble you will take to make the object of your affection comfortable, happy and secure.

You have no time for light flirtations, for your emotions are intense. You need complete reciprocation in love. You are proud but have a warm and generous nature, and are passionate and inclined to be possessive and jealous of your loved one.

An ideal partner for you is one on a similar cultural level, with a character similar to yours, the same urges, feelings and interests. If you both have a common objective in mind, you will go far together.

You take romance seriously and once you try to flirt you are lost. Naturally enough, you need love and are unhappy without it. You are prepared to give much for it. You like demonstrations of affection and are capable of intense dis- like of anything or anyone who comes between your love and you. You will stop at nothing to do away with the obstacle. Until you learn to be more restrained, you can be mistrustful, exacting and suspicious.

A successful marriage is likely when your partner is docile, yielding, and subject to your complete guidance. You place great value on yourself and what you have to offer, and therefore demand a great deal from any partnership. In any association you never quite give up all you have to offer, but you generally have much to give. You are by nature faithful in marriage, but you are not content to sit at home and watch life pass by. You seldom want to break your marriage once your true love is given and will work hard to improve anything inharmonious in the relationship.

Often the SCORPIO HUSBAND is demanding, jealous and overbearing. The SCORPIO WIFE may keep her family in a state of nervous exhaustion as a result of her temperamental outbursts.

The SCORPIO HUSBAND is one of the most difficult to live with in peace and harmony. This can be done if his wife is receptive to his thoughts and obediently follows what he tells her. He is difficult to take lightly when he is persistent about anything he wants. He is definite about being the head of the household and wants to be recognized as such. Sometimes he carries this to the extreme and an unhappy marriage is inevitable.

There are more chances of happiness for the moderate SCORPIO HUSBAND, who is often successful and well, able to support a wife and large family. Even so, his in-tense devotion and possessiveness are often a strain on his family. No matter how much love and attention he receives, he is often secretive and doubting and will twist things around in his mind to make them appear to be working against him. This is all in his imagination, but he persists in getting impatient and resentful.

The SCORPIO WIFE takes marriage and all its responsibilities very much to heart and has an old-fashioned reverence towards domestic duties. If her attitude changes and she falls out of love, then she will do what her heart tells her, often without fear of consequence. She is rarely deceived and has no illusions, nor does she try to deceive herself, but accepts the facts in a clear and level-headed way.

The SCORPIO HUSBAND has a deep and genuine affection for his wife and children, but he can be very selfish and stubborn.

The SCORPIO WIFE puts her heart and soul into her love for her husband and family, but she does not idolize those she loves. Because she looks at life perhaps a little too realistically she sees them as they really are.

You like a large family, even though you may fall down in your parental responsibilities. You can be a severe parent, although you have good intentions; in the long run these prove worthwhile. Your temperament may be unsuitable, as you can be tyrannical, possessive and even violent. Even so, you almost always marry and have many children.

Scorpio children have very strong affections and great care should be taken in training them so that they are not ruined by overindulgence on the one hand, or harshness on the other. Although they are physically strong, their emotional nature needs the most careful treatment.

Parents are inclined to find them hard to cope with and they often become problem children when they are misunderstood. Insecurity and selfishness are common faults which parents have to try to rectify.