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Sagittarius Traits

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Your sense of the home is small and often outweighed by your other interests. You appreciate the simple things in life and your home will reflect this. Here you will need a certain amount of independence and you will insist upon it. You will not stay where you do not get it. You like a neat and orderly house where you can still have fun and enjoy Life. You like to see beauty about you, but the work involved in keeping things looking well bores you and you become very restless. You like children and once you settle down you will find great happiness. You like your friends around you and are fond of entertaining. Your interests are too diffuse to enable you to be a success domestically. The whole world interests you and you find it hard to confine your thoughts and affections to your home.

You are likely to make friends on the impulse of the moment, but they develop into friends of years' standing. They will be of all types and classes, for you like assortment. You are the type to take a lot from others but you cannot be fooled by insincerity. You are invariably well-liked, for you have a ready wit and smile, and people value your friendship. You have a keen sense of humor which they appreciate, although you are generally serious and light chatter does not come easily to you. Although you are never afraid to speak your mind freely, there is also an opposite side which sometimes makes its appearance when you are reticent, sensitive and impressionable. This could be called a smokescreen, for you are often hard to know, because of this duality of nature. Although you are normally gentle you can become formidable when aroused. You are kind and understanding but, when you are with those who are hostile to your temperament, you may become irritable and impatient, or even defiant.

You are a person of the highest integrity and morals, and may become a leader of church or state. The sporty, gambling type of Sagittarian is generally out for a good time and is a direct contrast to the restrained type. Maturity and success do not come early in life for you. Your distinguishing qualities—understanding of philosophy and religion, direction in life and decisive action-come naturally with age and experience. Your life is generally one of sincere service, and those you meet as you go through it will profit in many ways from your acquaintance.

You may be lazy and boastful but people still consider you a pretty decent individual. Inconsiderate behavior is one of your worst faults and you can be very tactless at times. Whenever your emotions are involved, you may become very talkative and it is likely that you will exaggerate. There is no limit to the variety of stories you can invent. You may promise the world in a weak moment, but may not have the slightest intention of keeping your promise. You like to flatter and always have the empty compliment to hand out. You can be both crude and rude on occasions, and may have the knack of saying that one little extra word that hurts.

Your exuberance may lead to extravagance, lack of concentration and carelessness over detail. Although you are cocksure, you may give the impression of knowing a little about everything but not enough about any one subject. You may be an exhibitionist who develops a sudden craze for people, intellectual interests or hobbies, which works up to a pitch and then dies away. Despite your philosophical outlook, of which you are very proud, you have many prejudices and even hatreds.

    Sagittarius compatible with Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio.

    Incompatible with Pisces, Gemini, Virgo.

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