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Sagittarius Love Horoscope Compatibility

SAGITTARIUS GEMINI Love Horoscope Compatibility

The Gemini is a dual sign. The twins are always racing around from pillar to post shrouded by the frenzy of words and actions they may use so glibly and enticingly to confuse you! More specifically the Sags!
From what we know of Sagittarius, even the quietest most timid ones abhor pretence. For them it is tantamount to lying and as you all know, lying is a sin! We do not need to delve any further. It is abundantly clear that the Sag and the twins are opposed to each other. This in astrological terms means that each possesses what the other lacks!
The Gemini twins long for the candor and the perception of the Sags. It makes for a far more interesting life. The Sags on the other hand secretly wish to emulate the silver tongues of the Gemini twins! If they can give and take, a beautiful balanced sensuous relationship is possible. But if they are not that charitable, it might mean a total horror!

SUMMARY: Compatible ye are nay! So proceed at your own risk.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS LEO Love Horoscope Compatibility

Obviously both Leo and Sagittarius belong to the fire element.
They both possess charm, charisma and a certain degree of pride. The Leonine pride and to some extent arrogance is legendary now, isn’t it? The lions and lionesses are proud of what they can achieve with their own two hands…er…paws. They never accept favoritism and are passionately against the concept of anything “with benefits”!
The Sags may not seem anything like the Leos but they also possess a certain measure of quiet pride, not in their achievements, but in the fact that they can mete out and accept the unvarnished truth. Neither will take orders. They are both much more adept at issuing them.
They need to understand early on that one of them have to give if the relationship is to stay standing. Alternatively they can divide their lives into areas and follow each half of the relationship-the leonine half and the equine half to govern certain of them thus creating an illusion of harmony. This should work because their natural vibrations are compatible!

SUMMARY: You are supposed to get along with the Leos courtesy the common fiery bonds of your governing element. But that doesn’t mean a little extra effort is unwelcome!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS LIBRA Love Horoscope Compatibility

Sometimes it is quite difficult to judge these two sun signs because of the sheer mind boggling variety of characteristics they can display. The Librans can run the gamut from playboys and playgirls to ascetic missionaries. But no matter what environ you place a Libra in, they will always be charming with that 1000 watt smile and those engaging conversations.
The Sags similarly can be brilliantly funny and gregarious or studious and quiet lost in their own world. The only permanent stamp they do bear is that of idealism and optimism. When these two astrological zodiac signs come together, there is generally a compatible harmony. Unless their moons or charts are badly opposed, they can able along the road of life in companionable silence breaking it occasionally to bandy intellectual stimulation.

SUMMARY: Sags, the Librans are not only attractive but also lucky because of the full force of their Venus. If you can maintain tact, it may turn out to be quite fine after all!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS PISCES Love Horoscope Compatibility

This association is generally not very compatible to begin with.
The planets are positioned in such a way that there always is a lot of tension between these two “evolved” souls. But in this particular case, the approach that does the trick is not to concentrate on the differences and the peccadillos of one’s character, rather bring to the mental forefront and openly try to admire the virtues the other possesses.
This is beneficial because the positive influence of one on the other can complete the jigsaw puzzle of temperamental perfection in this case. For example if only Pisces can imbue themselves with the Jovian enthusiasm which the Sag has in abundance, they may just become perfect. On the other hand, the Sag can with its penchant for truth admire the genuine altruism of the Piscean soul and enrich its own life!

SUMMARY: Sags try and get along with Pisces. They are the most adaptable of all the signs and hence it can be a good exercise in tolerance for you!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

When two Sags get together it is a beautiful cosmic dance of truth, frankness and candor. They can become a force to be reckoned with, using those flaming arrows of unselfish, unrelenting perception to expose the decay of society and bring about change in its purest form.
Yes, a simple little romantic association between two Sagittarius borns can often be the herald of good times for others. I know of a Sag couple who after being blessed with a “specially abled” child opened an Institute for children who suffer from autism!
A classic instance of the inexhaustible Jovian optimism they are blessed with. The only note of caution in this otherwise compatible setting is a reminder to display tenderness from time to time. Too much fire may drain the sap from the seedlings of love!

SUMMARY: This is obviously a relationship of mutual empathy and understanding. This blessing should be used to bring about positivity in not only the personal front but also the social.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS SCORPIO Love Horoscope Compatibility

The archer Sag is after Scorpio on the astrological wheel and the only thing they share in common is the reluctance of the near and dear ones to get close to them. At parties, social gatherings and funerals alike!
Not because they pay scant attention to hygiene. Scorpios are always impeccably dressed and Sags smell like babies! Try sniffing one out….you will know! People refrain from getting up close to these two astrological signs because closeness in this instance can actually hurt.
Out of the blue a typical Sag may say, “Oh dear yellow makes you look so chubby!” Now that is hardly flattering. And a Scorpio may sting you with a scathing, “Who is your caterer dear?? I will personally go and shoot him after the party!” When these two signs get together, you can expect a lot of nasty burns and venomous barbs. Hardly conducive for a romantic relationship! But it will do the Scorpio a world of good to learn some candidness from the Sag!

SUMMARY: Not a compatible association. It is hardly worth it to go through so much deep water only to discover a cave full of weeds! That’s a Scorpio in a nutshell.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS TAURUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

Taurus is an earth sign. All Taureans portray the desirable feminine qualities of sensuality, patience and a sweet willingness to submit! Male or female….a Taurus is a calm, limpid creature full of dreams and anticipations and quivering love! It is very easy for a Sag to lose itself in the warm fudgy Taurus world….for a while.
Let me say something up front. A Sag will not want to settle down. If it can help it! They value their freedom and independence and realize very well that the bonds of matrimony though sacred may be a touch restrictive. Especially if it a Taurus at the other end tightening the chord! Sagittarius people love to go exploring uncharted territories. They consider variety the spice of life and love to scale new highs.
A Taurus mate may be left waiting for a Sag lover, spouse or friend for a long period of time!! This doesn’t sit well with the bull who needs constant reassuring physical presence! If the Sag can curb its wayward ways though, an association with Taurus can be quietly pleasing with a well-kept home and a comfy security blanket.

SUMMARY: Can turn into a very compatible setting if you are willing to relinquish the fast life!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS VIRGO Love Horoscope Compatibility

A virgin Virgo may stare askance at a big sheepish clumsy Sagittarius butting and stumbling through their life like it is nobody’s business! A Virgo may give a rare supercilious smile and nod imperceptibly at the passing Sag- a tramp who is most probably in search of greener pastures to leech off!
But suddenly the Sag stops mid-way and says, “You are putting more weight on your left knee! Is the right one injured?” This might disconcert the Virgo a little. How did this disreputable person know such an intimate secret? The Sag may then proceed to demonstrate how her footprints are uneven because of her limp and a grudging respect may start to bloom in the heart of the virgin.
This is the typical Sag-Virgo relationship. Once they get to know each other, they may start admiring the virtues. Sags are frank enough to know that the orderliness and discrimination of a Virgo is something they can only dream of and Virgos are in awe of the awesome logical abilities of the archer superior to even theirs. All in all a compatible amity is the dominant tone of this relationship.

SUMMARY: A give and take may be beneficial Sags! So just get over the nagging and build a strong friendship!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS CANCER Love Horoscope Compatibility

The loon meets the loafer! Yes, the Cancer is definitely a loony tune character. Poor souls, not their fault! Blame it on the bullying moon. So by elimination the Sag is a loafer. Not because they love to while away time and not do an honest day’s work, but because of their proclivity to go traipsing all over the world. Go a loafing!!
As long as the horsey side of the inimitable Sag is evident, the Cancer will go rolling around on the floor. Classic ROFL moment! Cancers love to laugh and possess a quirky sense of humor. It is more precious because it is interspersed with bouts of blues. But there is a big red flashing warning in this evidently compatible setting! Sags are notorious for their lack of tact and oft times of sensitivity.
Not the best person in the world the crabs may want to entrust their fragile egos and hearts with.

SUMMARY: The relationship will need patience to nurture and you may need to change quite a few of your ways to actually get along with Cancer.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN Love Horoscope Compatibility

The goat is right after the archer on the astrological wheel.
This obviously indicates that a student-teacher equation should exist between these two head strong signs. Capricorn is the earth element leader. Sagittarius though not a born leader, is not an iota less than one. Their tendency to go on quests and save damsels in distress just to break their heart with their get-me-not ways seems like an epic waste of time to the pragmatic and focused goats!
Had it not been for the karmic implications-the goats you see are kind of astrologically dictated to teach the Sags. Capricorns would have never given the archers the time of day. Sags on the other hand find saturnine a good synonym for boring and in their typical straight forward do not refrain from saying so outright. But deep inside, they do realize that the lesson of caution to ensure productivity is a novel lesson and the goats are masters at it!

SUMMARY: This relationship may become compatible. But the general tendency is towards disharmony. So a difficult test!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

Sag (pronounced to rhyme with badge) is a dual sign. To demystify the concept, a dual sign is one which either exhibits contradictory values or exists in two planes - the physical and the spiritual or in some cases like the Gemini indicates a penchant to put up a false façade to confuse and bemuse others.
For the Sag, it means portraying optimism and cynicism with the same hide! Not exactly the same. If you remember the representing symbol of the Sagittarius, it is a centaur. When the horsey half kicks in, these people can be brilliant funny charmers. But when the human half takes over, flaming arrows aimed at vulnerable spots (like the heart), it is quite another story.
Thankfully the equally quixotic Aquarius is not on the receiving end too often! These too get along quite well, toeing the fine line between the territories of fantasy and reality!!

SUMMARY: Hold on to the pixilated wonders as they can add a dash of true genius to your logical endeavors. Quite a compatible setting!

SAGITTARIUS ARIES Love Horoscope Compatibility

What great flames of fun. These two fire signs can burn the dance floor or incinerate opposition in one fell swoop! Two fire signs can frequently mingle together to become unconscionably combustible.
Not so in case of Sagittarius and Aries. They have myriad qualities which make them the picture of compatible bliss! Not only is this association blessed with optimism and positivity for the two souls involved, their golden haloes can extend from home and hearth to imbue those around with a mellow warmth.
These two love to espouse causes and they both eschew traditionalist beliefs and dogma! This can be a once in a lifetime exhilarating ride which should not be missed at any cost! This leader-communicator duo tends to excel at business too and in the long run can earn mounds of money with charisma to charm ‘em and cold hard logic to sock ‘em!

SUMMARY: This can be a very enjoyable association. The only point to be kept in mind is the potential incendiary nature of the alchemy which may go out of hand if tempers flare.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Picture of astrology compatibility sign

Very Outgoing Sagittarius

Sagittarius love justice and they are perfect fighters if they believe in their case. They will never give up and will fight until the end. They are also very outgoing and love socializing with others and can be very entertaining if they choose to. People born under this sign have a good sense of humor and others usually enjoy spending time with them. Sagittarius are very sincere and will state their beliefs in a straightforward and honest manner- this is the same in their love lives, very honest and frank. Sagittarius will not hesitate to fight for their rights if anyone as much as attempts to interfere with them.

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