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Sagittarius Love and Romance

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You have a sympathetic, affectionate nature which is not possessive, and are very loyal to those you love. You do not value personal possessive love as highly as universal love and your romances must bring you mental as well as physical satisfaction.

Once you have found the right one you are easy to win but not so easy to hold, for he or she may find it hard to keep up with your high-spirited and impulsive way of life. You regard your romances as adventurous outlets and escapes from reality.

You have very high ideals which mean a lot to you, and you love your freedom. You realize that you can lose both in the course of everyday living and you jealously preserve them.

Disappointments in love may come early in life for you because you are immature and act unwisely on occasion. Although you may have many romances, there is generally only one real love in your life. When those you love do not measure up to your high standards you must realize that you will have to accept them as they are.

You avoid jealousy because you see in it a threat to your own freedom of action, something you prize highly and will fight to preserve.

Your love is direct and positive and, when you finally choose a partner, you do it with great deliberation.

You do not like your freedom to be curtailed and are wary of too domestic an atmosphere. You like to be doing things with other people and are not happy with one who likes to sit at home all the time. You sometimes forget that you must try to understand the other person's viewpoint, and give a little, too.

    Although your temper may flare up quickly, it is only for a short time, and you require understanding and companionship. You need someone to turn to at all times, to whom you can tell your troubles. Your partner must enjoy your interests and hobbies or you will enjoy them on your own.

    The Sagittarius WIFE is the best-fitted of all types to be a companion to her husband. She takes an active interest in her husband's business. She does not intrude but waits till she is asked for advice. What she offers is generally very useful.

    The Sagittarius HUSBAND requires a wise, tactful wife, for he has much to give if treated in the right way. He is not ideally fitted by nature for domestic life. His interest in outside affairs, his business and his sporting activities all take much of his time. He loves humanity and is respected by and plays a prominent part in the community. All his strength goes into life in general so that his personal life becomes unimportant by comparison. Often his personal tastes change, for he is not hypocritical enough to continue to express his devotion when it does not exist. His wife should be broad-minded and quite impersonal if she is to hold his interest.

    The Sagittarius WIFE is attracted by life in the open, to all kinds of activity, social life and intellectual advancement. It is easy to see that a husband can have a full life with such a companion. She is a competent wife, efficient, clever and well-balanced. She can be trusted, for her judgments are mature.

    The Sagittarius HUSBAND is invariably a gifted man with whom it is a privilege to live, but because of his lack of the personal sense and impatience with anything narrow or ordered, his wife must broaden her own outlook so that she can see eye to eye with him.

    The Sagittarius WIFE is rarely suspicious and is able to tactfully overlook her husband's preferences. On the other hand, she can be outspoken about her husband's and children's errors. This may be a good thing, for hers is generally constructive criticism.

You have not much time for children when they are small, for you feel clumsy and unable to look after them. Once their minds and their interest in sports develop, there is likely to be a strong bond between you. They are drawn towards you because you love life and want to have fun with them more than most grown-ups do.

Sagittarius children are nervous and restless. They start striking out for freedom while still very young. They will try to overcome any form of restriction and they show their independence at an early age.

Nothing is worse than for you to try to supervise them all the time. You should let them feel that you rely on them, and their sense of honor will be your best guarantee. If they think that you do not trust them you will lose their confidence, perhaps for good.