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Pisces Traits

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Environment is vital to success, and success in your case is more a matter of personal adjustment to your surroundings. Like most people, you need a place where you can relax and let your imagination have full play. If you are to improve your lot in life, a home and family are essential. Your dual nature may lead to two homes or two sets of families. You are essentially a home-loving person and like neat-ness and order and the simple things in life. You enjoy an unsophisticated existence and do not continually seek entertainment outside. You like a country life and plenty of freedom so you can roam at will. Your surroundings will reflect your love of the arts and you will be happiest where you have a free hand to show your appreciation of them. You like to keep an active interest in outside affairs such as charitable work. There is every chance of your enjoying a happy family life if you do, as long as it does not interfere with your routine in the home.

Your warmth of heart and personal magnetism attract many friends. They find you gentle, helpful and kind and are sometimes inclined to take ad-vantage of your good nature. They sap your energy and resources, but still you are always ready for self-sacrifice. “To have a friend you must be a friend” is your firm belief and you take every opportunity to put this into practice. People will want to confide in you and “cry on your shoulder” because you are a good listener and understand their problems. You appreciate their troubles because of your deep perception of human feelings and failings. You worry when they worry and laugh when they laugh. Your individuality becomes swamped and in the back of your mind you sense this and become dissatisfied. People will still respect you if you assert yourself a little more. True friends will not hurt you, for they realize that you are very sensitive to harmful criticism.

You have an active sympathy for mankind, which is the driving force behind everything you do. Your virtues are more passive than active and, given the right kind of friends and an encouraging environment, you can achieve great heights. You have a true and more direct conception of life and the knack of taking short cuts to truth and wisdom. You are sensitive, with an unusual power of intuition, and are intelligent enough to make full use of it. Your mind is always receptive to new ideas and methods, and anything that will make the world a better place. You are an idealist and believe that everyone can be happy with a little co-operation. You are prepared to do your part and will help others in their search for a well-balanced life. You have a serenity of mind that makes it possible for you to accept what life brings you, but you should take care not to become too moody and simply drift along with the tide.

You are unnecessarily pessimistic and full of self-pity. You have a feeling of persecution that people are always trying to get the better of you. You feel misunderstood and the world seems cruel. You withdraw into yourself and feel depressed. This is the result of worrying too much over petty slights that do not really amount to much. This is quite disastrous to your delicate nature. Aimlessness of thought and action is a favorite and all-too-frequent pastime of yours.

If you realize that you are your own worst enemy and that you can quite easily get over this sense of isolation, you will be more happily adjusted. People are not as hostile and unsympathetic as you think. You like to be needed and to have people draw upon your wonderful resources of sympathy and understanding. It is up to you to make them available to others, not to cut yourself off from contact with humanity. You are likely to do this if your super-sensitive nature is subjected to hurts inflicted by the wrong type of company.

Do not be timid, but have faith in yourself. You will then be confident in discriminating among whom and what you like and dislike. You should realize your good points and how your faults undermine them and that with courage you can overcome the obstacles that come your way. Who knows the success that may come your way when you blossom out with strength of purpose behind you.

Pisces compatible with Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius.

Incompatible with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.

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