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Pisces Love and Romance

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Of all natures, yours is the most sensitive, and romance and marriage mean much to you. You are sincere and affectionate, and dislike meanness or pettiness. Your standards are high and you look for someone who is careful of her appearance, intelligent and has some artistic ability. You can be jealous of your loved one and suspicion may kill your love. You should enjoy your love more and not look too much for perfection.

Your will power and ability to make up your own mind are often weak, so that frequently you do not know what you want in romance.

You are the type who needs much assurance of your loved one's affection and like plenty of flattery and compliments. Your feelings are hurt much too easily and you may let your sensitiveness needlessly break up a romance.

Sometimes you are a dreamer possessing high ideals and aspirations and, with the right person behind you, there is more chance of their materializing. Without love, life is empty for you. Often you waste more time dreaming about love than really doing something constructive to gain it. You seldom possess a strong individual character, and live largely on the thoughts and feelings of those you come in contact with. That is why it is important for you to choose the right mate.

You are capable of deep feeling and emotions and once your affection is given it is everlasting. Often you have difficulty in saying “No,” so you should be careful of being led into an affair against your will with a stronger personality than your own. Your moods may cause your loved one to be unsure of how you really feel, for you can be cold and aloof one moment and warm and affectionate the next. Although you take romance and love seriously, often it is hard for another to realize you are in earnest.

When you know your own weakness you try to adopt a second and harder skin. You will often put on a rough and sharp front, whereas inside you are gentle, kind and touchy. A person who is really sincere and has a true understanding of you will see this and will not be put off by your secretiveness. They know you are only trying to cover up what you do not want others to see.

In love and marriage the Pisces is at home. It is a warm and delightful association for you. Your natural urge is to serve mankind and there is no other type of person that makes a better wife or mother. Both male and female love domestic life and thrive in the atmosphere of a happy home. The romantic side of marriage appeals more to you than most people and this will continue right through life.

Within the home you are dependable, show great affection and flatter your mate with little attentions and gestures of affection. You are courteous and considerate of the comfort and pleasure of your partner. You are easy to get along with. You are more apt to dissolve into tears than become silent and moody when disagreements arise.

The PISCEs HUSBAND is so anxious to achieve security that he may be “tight” with the money his wife wants to spend, but she may be glad when they reach the point of security.

Your romantic and imaginative outlook is affected by the proximity of others, and you are impressionable and liable to be attracted to outside temptations. If you are a stronger type of Pisces you are able to keep your mind occupied with other interests. You are contemplative and fond of study; you have the ability and the intellect to combine two ways of earning a living and lead a happy married life as well. Pisces is the sign of the artist and author, and you can also earn your bread and butter by an additional occupation which happens to suit your tastes and capabilities, and still lead a happily married life.

The PISCES WIFE has deep spiritual qualities and emotional responses and is ideally adapted to domestic life. She can provide the spiritual and emotional escape valued so highly by most men. She will make the kindest, most loving, devoted and sympathetic of wives. She can easily adjust herself, is extremely responsive and makes an excellent mate.

Similarly, the PISCES HUSBAND is most loving and attentive, considerate, thoughtful, and never forgets to treat his wife with courtesy. He spends a great deal of time around the home and it is important that he has an understanding mate.

Often the PISCES WIFE is not as active as others, or as capable. She has a great sense of comfort and studies the home so that it w3l be as restful as possible, Often she is not practical in her good intentions. If she is the self-indulgent type she may waste a lot of time seeking pleasure and entertainment. If her health is delicate she will need the greatest determination to keep herself optimistic and mentally alert.

The PISCES HUSBAND is not a good provider and, although he is generous in giving what he has, often he has not very much to offer. He seems to have no idea of reality and feels the difficulties of life to be almost un-conquerable. He lives in a phantom world, which makes difficult the household's struggle for existence. If he has the direction to know what work suits him best and the initiative to find it, he will make a good husband, for the confidence which this brings, combined with the softer qualities in his nature, will be excellent.

You adore children and they adore you. If anything, you spoil them and give in too easily. If you adopt a firm attitude towards them it will pay dividends. If you do not take too much notice of their playful ways there is less risk of their taking advantage of your sensitiveness, so be definite in what you want right from the start. Your imagination makes you a great storyteller. You are an adult to whom fantasy is real and children appreciate and respond to this side of your nature.

Pisces children live in a world of fantasy all their own. Make believe is important to them and they are highly susceptible to its influence. It can be made an excellent means of education for them, and a teacher can use it successfully to make the most ordinary problems exciting and less difficult.

Generally, they are able to carry on an interesting conversation at an early age and are excellent company. They show an early aptitude for the arts and should become very versatile if their teachers and parents set about it in the right way.