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Libra Traits

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Your home will always be charming and your family life harmonious, although you may have trouble with relatives. You have the taste and ability to select beautiful things. House furnishings, ornaments and paintings, decorations and design are all of a high standard in your home, and you do well in professions related to decorating. The Libran woman is often an exotic-looking creature who designs a background for herself in keeping with her rare, exquisite personality.

Courtesy and honesty combined with a sense of justice and a kind disposition make you an admirable friend even if you are sometimes unreliable. You respond to co-operation and are not happy as a “lone wolf.” You will probably have much to do with people, leading a fairly public life which will give you the opportunity to make many friends.

You are quick to anger and quick to forgive. Your main desire is to avoid hurting the feelings of others. Socially you are always in great demand. Your conversation flows easily and you always give the impression of being well-bred. Even though you may have different inner feelings, society always believes you to be cool and unruffled.

You know you have charm and make good use of it. You are renowned for your diplomacy and it is not easy to quarrel with you. You see other people's points of view and will always gladly adopt them if they suit you. You are rarely extreme in your views and tend to be impartial. For this reason you are valuable as a go-between who is always working to establish harmonious relationships. Often you are much too polite to say “No,” but prefer to say “Yes” until you are out of ear shot. People are im-pressed by the noble gentleness and the sense of balance that you often convey.

Your faults are weakness and compliancy. You find it hard to take a firm attitude in hos-tile circumstances and you would rather avoid unpleasant-ness at all costs. You may compromise too much and waver from one view to another without giving a firm reply which commits you. You may be spineless, lacking direction and purpose. You are always judging one course against the oilier, trying to decide which is best, and therefore waste your strength in hesitation. Often you are a moody person who exaggerates freely and likes to hear yourself talk. You can be very “sweet” but sometimes it is a sickly type of sweetness.

Although you are usually tactful you may deliberately ruffle the composure of others for the sheer delight of being able to compose differences and effect compromises. Weak Libra people do not have the power to guide their families that the strong Librans have. They may be suave but lack the high intellectual development of which the higher type is capable. You may be shallow or insincere because you give way or compromise rather than face prolonged discord. You find a disturbed or quarrelsome atmosphere very hard to take. There are times when you may deliberately lie, misrepresent and deceive. You can be slovenly and lazy when it suits you and refuse to act on your own responsibility, but instinctively seek a partner. You should take care that your life is not frittered away in self-indulgence.

    Libra compatible with Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Virgo.

    Incompatible with Capricorn, Aries and Cancer.

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