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Libra Love Horoscope Compatibility

LIBRA GEMINI Love Horoscope Compatibility

Mercury ruled Gemini is like a precocious adolescent trickster. If you do not remember, they are a dual sign-two people inside one body. They are masters at the art of the silver tongue and they can embrace keeping you confused and guessing with the masks they constantly shed and wear.
In short, you can never know for sure whom you are conversing with. Which twin is in the driver’s seat? Libra is also an air sign. They also like to change their minds often….but in all fairness; there is just one beautiful, warm, friendly person in the body of a Libra.
The intellectual sparring of these two is a joy to watch. Following the norms of the air element, they do not have a malicious bone in their body. So after the gentle thrust and parrying is over, they can settle down companionably and discuss the legend of the fairies with enthusiasm. They are compatible as long as the gentle breezes are kept in check!

SUMMARY: If you two can slow down a trifle and actually see each other, you may find many qualities to cherish and a kindred soul in the volatile Gemini!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA LEO Love Horoscope Compatibility

Given the fact that Libra is a leader and Leo is a born ruler….you may expect fireworks when these two get together. But harmony is a very strange animal indeed. And thanks to the positive vibrations of their association the Libra-Leo relationship is quite compatible.
When mixed together in moderation the air element can fan the glowing embers of Leo warmth, magnanimity and generosity bringing out the best in the big cats. They in turn do know how to value a worthy counterpart and are equally smitten by the verbal prowess of the Libra. Add the fact that a Libra knows that the key to compliance is amicability and softness, they may get the royally stubborn and determined Leo’s to pay heed to their advice.
All in all not a bad little association to fall back upon after a hard day’s work (read arguments!).

SUMMARY: This is a good one to pick if you would like love, loyalty and a little bit of condescending, good natured commiseration when the scales just won’t balance! If you can take the “I told you so’s” the lions are fairer than almost any other sun sign!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA LIBRA Love Horoscope Compatibility

Whenever the members of the same zodiac astrological house come together in a relationship, either romantic or strictly platonic, they tend to be compatible together.
There are a few exceptions like Scorpio and Virgo…but two Librans fall somewhere in the middle between off key and harmonious. They certainly do understand each other with a lot of empathy for the fact that decisions just can’t be taken on the spur of the moment. The consequences need to be analyzed and the means justified.
This makes them stick to each other. The sour ring in this apparently mellow association comes riding on the back of peace and balance. Libra argues for the sake of personal peace of mind and sense of symmetry and justice.
But two people tend to hold different views…even if they are twins…and this individuality may make one Libra’s right the other Libra’s grey and this can become the cause behind endless arguments and useless bandying!

SUMMARY: Obviously one soul who will get your harmless little idiosyncrasies! Just remember to shut your trap when the clock chimes 12!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA PISCES Love Horoscope Compatibility

The Librans are attractive, warm, friendly, intelligent and somehow or the other they project this aura of being responsible too! Obviously not as much as say a Capricorn, but enough to ensure that the dazed and confused Pisces, forever on the lookout for the soothing currents of guidance to take them on their journey, to feel comfortable.
This association is compatible and has strong overtones of “service” rendering involved. The Pisces fishes, ever so ready to help out a soul in distress or otherwise actually represent service in some tangible or temporal way to the Librans. This will obviously make the charming Libs very happy and well disposed towards to the fishes.
The only problem is a Libra gets into a relationship to marry and a fish is very evasive when it comes to the holy bonds of matrimony.

SUMMARY: If you think you have found someone compliant and passive to spend your life with…think again. If you leave that reel for a second, the fish might escape!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

Librans and Sags get along quite well until the archer decides enough is enough, because even though competent conversationalists and extremely social they are pretty tactless, and may for example launch into a tirade against fur and the cruelty to animals.
Even that may not disconcert the Libra because it is inherently fair and condemns the fur trade too. The problem goes into the deep end when the Sag actually walks up to the guest of honor and berates his wife for wearing a mink coat! And no, minks are not giant rats.
It is then that Libra may realize that the charming yet slightly eccentric person is an out and out rebel. That doesn’t sit well with the Libra. Rebels are notoriously hard to handle and they think nothing of creating public scenes. Oh the dissonance.

SUMMARY: Being compatible is a long way away. Start out by knowing the Sag. It is a dual sign and untangling its myriad complicated dreams and desires may take time!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA SCORPIO Love Horoscope Compatibility

You may think that the morally upright and scrupulously fair Librans would recoil from the much maligned Scorpios. But take into account two important facts and the secret behind why they are compatible becomes apparent:

1. The house of Scorpio is just after Libra on the astrological wheel and thus the Librans instinctively realize that the scorpion may teach a valuable lesson to them.

2. Libra represents the house of marriage and Scorpio that of sex and the two frankly go hand in hand.

A scaly Libra will benefit much from the lessons of depth and power that a Scorpio can teach and the scorpion in return may remember the lessons of fairness learnt in last life and become a better person.

SUMMARY: You may approach…but at your own risk. I can’t be held accountable for anything- cozy cuddling or carnage!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA TAURUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

These two get along jolly well as compatible as a bull and a pair of scales can be! Just the mental picture can be reminiscent of a cubist dream. But if you can look past the apparent diametrically opposite tastes and sometimes appearances, you will find that these two astrological zodiac signs are ruled by the same planet of Venus. This manifests itself in two different ways in the Libra and Taurus.
Because of the Venus pull of peace and harmony, the average bull is quite passive by nature, quick to acquiesce. Not to please but to avoid discord. The Libra on the other hand can’t find any peace till every option and every path has been considered and so the “discussions” continue!! But at the end of the day, they are both fair and truthful and this can bind them together in strong bonds of friendship.

SUMMARY: A nice good solid mate to have in the walk of life. Just don’t keep arguing when the other party says “hrummph”! It means the Taurus temper is boiling to the surface.

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA VIRGO Love Horoscope Compatibility

This is the same equation as that of the Libra and Scorpio but this time the position is flipped.
Libra is the teacher and Virgo the competent but somewhat pedantic student. As a Libra, the soul moves past the disillusionments and disappointments of its past incarnation and accepts the fact that Utopia is a dream. Instead there is a burning desire to contribute to the little good left in the world by being uncompromisingly fair in everything.
A Libra can teach the Virgo that things indeed get better with time and the lingering insecurities of unripe maturity do dissipate gradually. If Virgo can take heart from this sage bit of advice, life can become pleasant. Apart from this student-teacher equation Libra and Virgo are compatible on grounds of their mutual mental agility and the ability to analyze a fact objectively. Virgo to be discerning and Libra to be fair!

SUMMARY: This can become a really pleasant association if both of you can let go of your habit of nit picking! Yes….arguments qualify as nit picking too!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA CANCER Love Horoscope Compatibility

This could not be described as a very compatible association.
Mainly because the two meet in a pattern that is tinged with anxiety and tension! But the similarities are there. If they are used with a bit of patience and tenderness, the karmic rewards will be showered bountifully and generously tipping the Libran scales and completely overwhelming the crabs.
Take for example the sensitivity of a Cancer. It can find resonance in the inherent fairness of Libra. A Libran will never ridicule the crab because they for one are open to accepting the quite implausible scenario that a satellite may actually push around and bully someone tirelessly. On the other hand, if you consider the whacky and weird Cancer sense of humor, you can see immediately that the exquisite tinkling Libra laugh will be such an apt accompaniment to it!

SUMMARY:  Librans…..listen up well. If you want to have a cozy family of two with a Cancer, please buy beforehand an almanac to trace the moons phases! Just like you keep changing your mind….it is very difficult gauging the mind of a crab!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA CAPRICORN Love Horoscope Compatibility

The Capricorns are born leaders. Never does the effect of the mantle of leadership become more pronounced than in the case of a goat. The Libra follows a close second.
The fact that they have such divergent interests makes a close connection quite difficult. Unless both take the time out to delve deep and dig up the virtues of each other! The main bone of contention between the two is time! To a Capricorn goat time is of the essence. They equate it with money, fame and power and loathe wasting a second of it.
To a Libra, time is also of the essence. But in a different sense! They need a lot of time to deliberate over each and every possible scenario to ensure that ethics is not compromised and fairness prevails. In short, the Libra philosophy is complete balderdash to the goat.

SUMMARY: To be compatible with this winner, Libra you need to realize that burning ambition can be fanned by the winds of your charm and charisma and if you two co-operate you can be the dream team.  

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

LIBRA AQUARIUS Love Horoscope Compatibility

You don’t need astrology experts to tell you that these two signs are not exactly compatible Harry and Sally! Do the math yourself and you can see a clear picture emerging.
Libra is the leader of the air element and air is after all the element of mental stimulation and intellect. Their tendency is to be quite “bossy” about what is right and what is wrong. They are forever fascinated by the multiple possible realities that can exist side by side. Tell them that the grass is green and they might argue that under a different set of cosmic circumstances, it may have been grey! Like say mushrooms!
The Aquarius finds this habit most irritating and dogmatic and orthodox! They do not like bothering with the what, how and what of every little thing that goes bump in the magic. I am not saying the water bearer is not analytical and cautious. They are after all air element organizers. It’s just that most of the times they are up there somewhere discussing the meaning of life with Plato and Moses! Grass is grass! What’s there to discuss? Now if you see pink grass somewhere…then let them know!!

SUMMARY: If you wish to have a long life swimming the waters of Uranus wisdom, you need to leave well enough alone. These free spirits abhor arguments!

LIBRA ARIES Love Horoscope Compatibility

Aries is impetuous! Aries is temperamental. Aries is a fire sign.
Libra loves balance. Libra idolizes harmony (don’t gawk….for all their arguments are the means by which they can achieve inner harmony and peace…when the mind is at rest. The rest of the world follows suit!). Libra is an air element. They are both leaders. Born to push forth and grab the limelight.
Aries with a strong battering to the opposition and Libra by the means of pure logic and rationalization, the juxtaposition of which with their charming good looks is irresistible and undefeated!
Compatible is not the ideal word for these two. The ram may find the Scaly Libra stuffy and rigid with their determination to explore something from the other party’s perspective. Isn’t one perspective well enough? Libra on the other hands find the Ram extremely childish and at times selfish.

SUMMARY: The Aries is a force of nature. They are determined and strong! A relationship is possible only if one party is willing to mold their nature significantly according to the edicts of the other!

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Zodiac horoscope sign image Picture of astrology compatibility sign

Romantic Ideas

The Libra nature is marked by deep understanding, and they are equally gifted in acknowledging the feelings of the people close to them. When others are facing a problem and share their inconvenience with a Libran, they tend to help and support to the maximum possible extent. Love and romance are the building blocks of their life, and they know how to care for their partner. They are blessed with unlimited romantic ideas, and any Libra’s partner will cherish their company, particularly the loving gestures aimed at him / her.

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