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Libra Love and Romance

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One of the most interesting love natures of all is found in Librans of either sex.

You are an expert in all matters pertaining to love. You are affectionate and considerate and make a gentle, tender lover. You are fond of company, particularly when it is pleasant, and you are likely to vary your interests and have many romances. You are frequently fickle and un-stable in your affections. Your passion is likely to burn red-hot and then dies out quickly.

You are highly susceptible and enjoy immensely the company of the opposite sex. You can be very sentimental, and there is much in your make-up which appeals to a companion. You have a charming temperament and although you are not constant in your devotion your changes of affection are always tactfully handled.

Although you have great mental detachment you are a most passionate person. Behind your poised front there is a physical nature very much alive.

Libran women have a delicate spiritual appeal. They are completely feminine in every way and are ready to let the male do all the disagreeable tasks. He usually likes doing them, too, for she never fails to thank him with a ready smile,

Domestically the Libra man and woman fit into the scheme of marriage very well. They usually marry early in life and under all circumstances preserve the home and are traditionally conventional.

Although you seldom seek divorce you do like change. You are as gracious in the home as you are in social life, but you often are a difficult partner to live up to. Your own behavior so nears the ideal in outward human contact that the marriage partner has a hard time living up to your standards. The partner you choose may be a wonderful person, but entirely without your ability to adjust oneself smoothly to the pace of life.

The LIBRA WIFE is a fine mental companion, wise in the way of partnership and able to bring harmony into the home life.

The LIBRA HUSBAND is not an easy man to please. Domesticity is not really to his liking, but he is a passionate man and respects tradition, so marriage is the reasonable result. He is cheerful and compassionate and leads an ordered and wise life. His ability to guide the home is one of his greatest assets. He provides well for his family and seems to feel with the intensity of a woman the necessity of elegance and luxury in the home surroundings.

One of the special gifts of the LIBRA WIFE is her talent for harmony. She has an instinctive knowledge of how to get along with people and attracts an interesting social circle. At the same time she never neglects her own family, but gives them all the loving attention of which she is capable.

Love is a high art to the LIBRA HUSBAND. His attitude toward love differs from that of most other men. His passions can be somewhat overwhelming and he rises to great heights in the expression of his love.

If he does not get the type of response he needs and expects he is deeply disappointed. Even when he finds his partner agreeable he might be tempted to seek variety, but this is merely variety of expression. It is only when he is completely unable to adjust himself to marriage that he resorts to divorce.

A LIBRA WIFE is definitely a luxury. She is generally very good-looking and always has a crowd of devotees seeking her favor. Whilst she wants a diverse social life, she is too well sensible to encourage wholesale flirtation, however when she does catch herself emotionally entangled her reaction is never underhanded. She does not encourage scandal. Her existence is more complicated than that of a plainer woman, but her husband may feel confident that she will rise to the occasion.

She is the kind who make a nice, sheltered life. Her desires are huge and she is responsive, intuitive and intellectual. Her response to married life is extremely satisfying and in many ways she is the best-suited of all types to be the most desired wife in the strictly personal sense of the word.

You will probably have few children, but they will be a credit to you and help you considerably in your old age. You are fond of pleasure and like to be happy with your children. Children are attracted to your charm and you can generally get them to do what you want.

Parents may object to what appears to them extreme self-indulgence in the behavior of their Libra children. They may regard the child's efforts towards creative achievements as day-dreaming. They may frown on self-expression instead of encouraging it. Libra children develop interestingly in harmonious surroundings allowing them creative play.