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Leo Traits

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Harmony in your home life is essential for your good health, as you need a place to relax. You like to be the leader in your home and need to have those about you absolutely dependent upon you for their well-being. You expect your family to uphold your proud standards in return for your devotion to them. You are a good host and enjoy entertaining your many friends, but you like them to be of your own choosing and not of someone else's. You never stint yourself when it comes to spending money in order to have your environment, office or home reflect your power and glory. Your home will be an impressive one if you can afford it, and you usually can. The Leo wife is often an expensive luxury, for besides her extravagant tastes in dress she expects a fine home with all the trimmings that make an impression on others. To keep her happy her husband will have to make an effort in this direction; if he is not so inclined she will spur him on.

You are popular and always have many friends. You make them naturally and you generally have warm, firm relationships that continue for a lifetime. Your ability to mix socially and to get along with people is your greatest business asset. You always know many people who can help you up the ladder of success, al-though you may not be calculating in seeking them out. Your friends will soon realize that you like to take the lead in any association. You must be the one whom every-one looks up to with pride and affection. Although you have the gift of mixing with the crowd, you like to remain a little aloof, for you feel that it is more dignified and fitting that you be like that.

You are probably endowed with more power than anyone else, using the word in the broadest sense. Physically you usually have great vitality and the same applies to your mental and emotional nature. You have considerable ambition and persistence and are very sure of yourself. These qualities combine with your generally effective personality, so that we find you occupying a position of prominence and authority, even though you may not have any special talent. If, in addition, you show real ability you will go far. The tendency to delegate work is strong in nearly all Leos, but if you are a good type you will remain not a mere figurehead but a fine director who inspires others. In this respect the difference between the strong and lesser type of Leo is very easy to discern.

In thought and action you are positive and aggressive. Your mind could be called masculine; once you decide to do something you ‘will not hesitate to go ahead. You are usually certain that you have chosen the right course, but it might be wise sometimes to stop and reconsider it from other people's points of view. You may not always be right and should beware of dominating others unnecessarily.

Your greatest weakness is your arrogance. You may be thoroughly carried away by your own opinion of yourself and your pride can make you very unpopular. You may develop into a snob who cannot say or do anything wrong. You may bluster and bully your way in home life and business. Too often you are a pompous, self-centered show-off. You like blatant displays of generosity and often there is a secret meanness beneath this. The outward appearance of anything impresses you more than its merit. Although you are genial and often democratic in theory, in practice you are nearly always autocratic. If you are a weak type your powers of leadership have a detrimental effect. You try to win praise for yourself by appropriating what has been done by others.

Although you are temperamentally good-natured, obliging and often devotedly affectionate, these qualities are often ruined by the patronizing attitude you may develop towards others. You find it difficult to regard them as equals, which is irritating to those who also like to be independent. However, a weak and clinging person will find this quality a source of strength and help; what may be in most respects a failing on your part, will give a weaker personality courage and confidence. Most weak natures, occupying high positions, like most of all to impress people. They must be the focal point and do not like others to forget it. They dramatize everything they do and surround themselves with favorites who flatter them. Although they promise the world they often achieve little. Their approach to life needs to be a little more realistic.

Leo compatible with Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Cancer.

Incompatible with Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus.

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