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Leo Love and Romance

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You can love deeply and, sometimes, not wisely, but too well. Although you are conventional in most things you are liable to be carried away by love.

Many women find the Leo man an ideal lover, for he can be fiery and passionate, compelling, masterful and very absorbing.

You are inclined to be sentimental and romantic at heart. You are not flirtatious but take your love affairs seriously. You hate any demonstrations of affection, particularly in public. You feel that such behavior is beneath your dignity and that you will lose respect. Nevertheless, you are very dependent upon affection, and you will be loyal to anyone you love.

You are attractive to the opposite sex, so your loved one had better not be jealous and will have to get used to your being the center of a crowd.

Sometimes you make the wrong choice and are unhappy when things do not turn out for the best. Your romances should be gay, with plenty of parties and exciting times together. You should not let your romancing carry you away, for there is no half-way mark for you and you like to make the most of things.

Anyone who is fond of you would be wise to realize that you are not easy to live with, but there is compensation in your charm and affection. Someone who takes the trouble to understand and bear with you is well repaid.

The Leo woman makes a fine wife. She loves intensely, is loyal, responsive and co-operative. She has a great deal of energy and is very capable; her appearance is always a credit to her husband. The family will have to get used to her fits of temper. She will not stop to reason with them, but will act on the spur of the moment. Sometimes her basic pride turns into arrogance and conceit.

The Leo lover and husband are both conventional-minded men who give their whole hearts and souls in their devotion. They are ardent, passionate and give themselves completely, but often the return they get makes them feel unloved and unsatisfied. The unresponsiveness of their wives or sweethearts often does much emotional damage; their partners should give as heartily as they receive.

The LEO WIFE is ideal for the worldly, ambitious man. She is most successful socially and can manage her home competently. She may hold prominent positions in outside interests and enjoys entertaining her husband's business contacts. She is the sort of wife he wants his boss to meet because of the favorable impression she makes.

The LEO HUSBAND has no trouble fitting into domes-tic routine. He wants his wife and family to be respected in the community and is always a good provider. His own pride plays a large part in this as he is very conscious of social standing.

The self-sacrificing LEO WIFE has a fervent and en-during love. She is sensitive and has an emotional nature. She will lavish affection and attention on her family for which they feel they can never show enough gratitude. Her devotion to her husband and family is so intense that she runs the risk of completely dominating them.

The LEO HUSBAND likes to always be the center of attention and to have complete control of the household routine. He, too, is loving and devoted, but will not tolerate any disrespect. He has pretty fixed ideas about what is his due from his wife and family. He is deeply romantic and very absorbing, but feels his word is law and wants them to do only what he wants and considers right.

He has no scruples should he become involved in an outside affair, but if his wife behaved in a similar fashion he would be horrified. She must be above suspicion, and as he is generally a keen judge of character he usually selects a wife who meets his high standard.

If the LEO WIFE is lucky enough to marry a commanding man she will exercise her authority to the right degree and will not overstep the mark. She will still have the opportunity to exercise her housekeeping ability, lead the social group and put all her faith and love into her relationship with her husband.

The ideal wife for the LEO HUSBAND is the feminine, clinging type of woman. He will make a fine husband for her and she will appreciate his genuine nature, his kindness and loving disposition.

You enjoy your home and are fond of children. They mean a great deal to you but you should be careful not to assert your authority over them too much. Their own personalities should be allowed to develop freely.

From an early age Leo children show signs of leadership and like to boss other children and monopolize the games they play together. They lead others not into silly pranks, but as real little authorities who make themselves obeyed.

They love showing off and will do anything to be the main attraction. It requires great understanding on the part of the parents to gently make them take a back seat with-out damaging their self-confidence.