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Gemini Traits

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Environment is important to you and, for a peaceful state of mind, you should be surrounded by harmony and beauty. Entertaining in your own home is your great delight. Relatives, friends and business connections gravitate toward your home, which is likely to be a busy place. You can sometimes be uneconomical, but on the whole you manage your home well. You are always fond of change and make a point of being up-to-date in all your home appliances. You like decorating, and it is likely to be modern in style. If you feel that your responsibilities weigh you down, you may pack your suitcase and take off. You are ever ready to move and do not like to settle down. If you are frustrated in this way you become morose and your home and family suffer. You like to be near people with plenty of go, so that you are kept interested and contented. If you can control this impulse you will be more satisfied once you have made a permanent home.

They need people about them and plenty or activity and movement. You have many sides to your nature and need intellectual satisfaction. You can do this through meeting many types of people and making friends in all levels of society. You do not like to sit still, but would rather be in half a dozen places at the same time, meeting people and ex-changing ideas. Once you realize this is impossible you will appreciate your present acquaintances and relax and enjoy them.

Your friends find you very lively and rather difficult to pin down. If their opinions do not suit you, you will ex-change ideas with them without too much discrimination. You admire and like people who use their brains, and enjoy intellectual circles where you find people with similar interests. Socially you are a success and have a gay and charming temperament. You add to the success of any function, for you are always witty and poised and, although you are socially popular, you cannot resist gossip. Sometimes you let your sharp tongue get the better of you. You are always on the lookout for something to discuss or criticize, good or bad.

Your main strength is the reasonable and logical way you set about things, which enables you to cope with any situation. You know this and have faith in yourself, even though you sense that this quality is often unappreciated. You have an intellectual and analytical mind, but it may be impersonal, guided in its decisions, not by your emotions, put by your common sense. This is a great asset when there is a need for unbiased opinion. Because you are able to see both sides of a problem, your reasoning and quick decisions are usually logical and accurate. You are generally an optimist and rarely let things get you down. Because you can grasp things quickly, you hate hazy or sentimental thinking which may lead to loose and incorrect conclusions. You like literature and art and anything abstract does not deter you, for you can examine it un-emotionally. You have charm, grace and talent and are able to express yourself clearly in word and action. You admire brains and cleverness, and people are impressed by your own mental vigor and agility.

Although you are usually well-informed and apparently have plenty of information on any subject mentioned, this is sometimes deceptive for you think so quickly and speak so fluently that a superficial knowledge carries you a long way. Sometimes your lack of concentration gives you only a shallow understanding. The negative type may have the detachment and coolness of the stronger Gemini, but he is more prone to calculated cunning. The weaker Gemini woman may be a “gold-digger” To everybody else she seems fragile and needs a strong arm to lean on, whereas she is often cold and hard underneath.

The Geminian with negative qualities places too much importance on facts rather than emotion. This accounts for your heartlessness and cynicism. Sometimes you waver a good deal and have difficulty in making up your mind. Your fondness for detail often causes you to get lost in it. People may think you arrogant because you understand things better than they do; they find you without feeling. When you do show feeling you do not do it freely and easily, and often are hard, egotistical and selfish.

Often you are too fond of examining your own thoughts, with the result that you become too self-centered, discontented, and flippant with other people's feelings. If you are under severe strain you may be untruthful, dishonest and deceitful.

It is ironical that sometimes you are so busy thinking that you do not have time just to stop and think. If you occasionally put your feelings before your intellect, you would be more human. Trying to do many things at once may make you flighty when it comes to important issues. Whatever decision you make then is likely to be drastic, and any change of opinion or principle will be on the spur of the moment according to your interests. Do not be too influenced by gossip and intrigue, but stick to facts. You naturally like to know the setup and get to the bottom of things, so let this be your guiding principle.

Gemini compatible with Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus.

Incompatible with Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

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