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Gemini Love and Romance

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You long for love but often fail to find it for, although you make friends quickly, you just as quickly find fault with them. As you like variety in life, so you do in romance. You do not like to be tied down. Many love affairs give you plenty of opportunity for self-expression and you find this exciting. To give yourself entirely to one emotional experience is not your nature, and you are not inclined to devote yourself readily to one attachment. Others may find you difficult to understand, for you feel variety is the spice of life and the more romances the merrier.

Your changeability baffles many you associate with, for you feel no compunction whatever in breaking off an association when it interests you no longer.

You like flirtation and are happy when there is someone near you who is responsive to your moods. You may go out of your way to make sure this is nearly always the case, and you are gentle and sympathetic in love. This is natural for you, not necessarily the result of careful scheming.

Women born in Gemini are always ready to listen to the other point of view, if the other person can manage to get a word in.

In Gemini men we find the contrast of mild affection and passionate romance. As a lover he can be teasing and flirtatious and is seldom vitally interested. Even when he is attracted, another interesting personality can quickly charm him. His affection is ruled by the mind rather than by the emotions. If he is a shallow lover it may be because he looks on love from the intellectual angle or may be cynical and calculating.

You should not feel that you are entirely incapable of constancy, for you are loyal and sincere and fall deeply in love with the right one. You realize there is give-and-take involved and are quite willing to share responsibilities.

This is an adventure for you which is full of interest and excitement. If you find it too binding you may make a quick change and move out of it, but you may adapt yourself to it with great success. For this your partner should have stability and adjustability, too. If he or she can match your wits and is on the same intellectual level, marriage will be delightful for you both.

You will both find great pleasure in travel and entertainment. If he or she appreciates your alert and intuitive mind you will both benefit from your association.

The GEMINI WIFE is first and foremost an intellectual woman; her strongest appeals are mental companionship and the ability to be a partner in living rather than a mere housekeeper. It is natural for her to keep up her outside interests after marriage, particularly if she is accomplished. Often this takes up a lot of time and husbands resent it. If there is to be harmony she should be more tactful. If the wife realizes it is impossible to lead two lives, she will gradually learn to give one up in favor of her home life.

Usually the GEMINI WIFE is so capable that her home and outside interests are managed very smoothly. She is very particular about how her home is run, even if she is not in it as much as other wives. She is generally a refined person who dislikes untidiness, seldom does her own work, directs efficiently and likes obedience.

The GEMINI HUSBAND needs a wife who can share his mental interests, is never tied to her home and is willing to change her environment as often as her husband wishes to change the scenery. She must get used to her husband's general interest in other people, or other women. She should not take his flirtations seriously.

Likewise a GEMINI WIFE has a flirtatious nature and her husband will watch her anxiously. He would be much happier if he realized she was using her sharp wits in a battle of words. However, her protective instinct and common sense are very strong and she would never let an affair come between her and her home and husband.

A GEMINI HUSBAND is very down-to-earth and can be pretty definite in bringing any romance to an end if he feels he will lose by it. He will be successful if his wife gives him direction in life without nagging. Home ties mean a lot to him, hut he is temperamentally unfit to put up with constant pressure. Gemini men generally leave home when they have overbearing wives.

Others may not think you very maternal or paternal in your attitude, and sometimes you feel children are a nuisance. When you carry on in this fashion, your bark is invariably worse than your bite. Nevertheless, you cannot help liking children because they love you. You cannot hide the fact that you are well able to deal with them. If they come into your life you will adapt yourself to them and try to make life as enjoyable as possible for them. You are good fun and they enjoy your company.

Gemini children are often high-strung and prefer not to have the attention the ordinary child needs. They require careful handling by understanding parents. They need plenty of interests to occupy their minds, which seem to be working day and night. Their minds are very plastic and can be molded in the right direction by their parents. They have an unusual intuition that makes them uneasy when you are untruthful or try to force something upon them they do not think is right.