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Free Daily Love Horoscope Free Daily Love Horoscope
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Free Romance Horoscopes

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Your sign is determined by where the sun was when you were born. This placement has influence on your mood, behavior, personality and your free romance horoscope readings. Individuals who are astrologically compatible with you will have many of the same personality traits that you do. Having compatible astrology signs can help in all aspects of life.
Relationships with siblings, parents, bosses and friends are influenced by how compatible the two signs involved are. Of course, for many people the most important consideration happens when it comes to finding love and being happy with a significant other.

Zodiac Compatible Signs for Love & Romance

Love is dependent on many factors. Beliefs and attitudes formed while growing up can affect the success rate of any relationship. So can adult life experiences. It's important to remember, though, that zodiac signs can also have a tremendous effect on how happy and healthy a loving relationship is. Two people that have compatible signs are more in-sync than their non-compatible peers.
Their compatibility leads to less tension and fighting in a relationship. This is because it's easier to “forgive and forget” with a person with whom you empathize.

The elements, and the signs they are associated with, are as follows:

Fire - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Earth - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Air - Aquarius, Gemini and Leo
Water - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Individuals who have different signs of the same element tend to have the most romantic compatibility. As an example, an Aquarius will get on well with a Gemini and a Leo, and a Cancer with a Scorpio or a Pisces.
Different elements also have compatible astrology signs. Earth elements get along well with water, and fire elements match up with air.
Beyond that, the relationships can get a little rocky. Air signs can be overwhelming for water signs, and fire signs can do the same for earth signs.
Take a look at our Today's Love Horoscope page to find and read your free romance horoscope.

Romantic Influences on Compatibility

As a rule, sun signs that share the same element tend to be similar, and this similarity breeds understanding and intuition. Understanding where a significant other is coming from, and intuitively knowing what they might say or do in a given situation, leads to romantic compatibility.
There are four elements that, individually, rule each sign. These elements don't completely control a sign, but they add such influence that people who are familiar with horoscope astrology can often guess what element a person is just by speaking to them for a few moments.

Do The Same Signs Match?

It's a popular belief that the same horoscope signs equal romance and compatibility. It's true that two people who have the same sign tend to have a lot in common.
They are often able to read their partner intuitively. However, there can be many issues when people share the same signs. Some of the less desirable traits of the sign can come to the forefront and affect the love and harmony of the relationship. Even the traits that are sought after and admired can combine to create tension. For instance:

The sweet, sensitive and dreamy personalities of two Pisces can lead to two people who wind up having a negative effect on one another.
Hurt feelings can be buried and, when not addressed, can lead to feelings of anger and even betrayal.

Leos are born to lead, and this will probably create intense feelings of competition between two Leos in a romantic relationship. Leos can also be bossy, which can easily lead to feelings of resentment.

Folks born under the Taurus sign are prized for their stability and ability to get the job done. Two Taureans, however, can clash horns because of stubbornness in opinion and lifestyle. An almost constant battle of wills can occur between these two.

That's not to say that two people of the same sign are doomed in a relationship. It just means that a greater awareness is needed so they don't fall into some of the traps that occur with same-sign relationships.

Finding the Right Sign

Having compatible astrology signs can have a profound influence on how successful and happy a relationship is. Often two people can meet and find they are attracted to one another and share a lot of the same traits and beliefs, and later find out that their signs are a match. This can lead to a long, healthy and happy relationship.

Astrology has been practiced for over 4,000 years. Ancient civilizations began keeping track of lunar cycles and the patterns of other celestial activity at least 2000 years before Christ. They used this knowledge to ascertain when to plant crops, how to align temples and when to go to war. Royal courts often employed full-time astrologers, and these men were important influences on kingly duties.
Compatible astrology signs have probably been known for the same amount of time. In times of war or siege, it was important that warriors under the same leader worked together and respected authority figures. Knowing when someone was born was a good way to speculate how he or she would act under different circumstances.

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