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Capricorn Traits

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Although you yearn for the security of a home, domesticity does not hold the appeal for you that it does for others. Your marriage is often the result of social reasons or professional ambition. Home life may take second place to your occupation and it is unlikely you will want many children. You feel the responsibility of parenthood very heavily. Your family ties are strong and underneath that distant manner which you may adopt towards those dear to you there is great affection. Your children may think you treat them coldly because you do not make a great display of love, but as they grow older they will appreciate the solid basis you have laid for a happy home life. You like to feel that you are needed and once you have your own home you expand in many ways.

A partner and children give you that something you have been lacking and enable you to find what you have been searching for. Your home exhibits evidence of your love of culture and the arts. You have a great love for music and anything that is beautiful and refined. Your surroundings reflect your personality. You feel that a peaceful atmosphere is essential for the smooth working of an efficient household. You should be careful of being too organized about everything and realize you must relax once in a while. You like privacy and are happy with the freedom that it allows. You want your home to reflect your social status in the community and will work hard to beautify it. You like admiration and the feeling of prestige it brings.

You are a person who has a wide circle of acquaintances but few close associations. You do not make friends easily, but are very good company; when you forget your reserve you can really enjoy life. You value your true friends highly. You will keep them for life and respect their secrets. You revel in sparkling company, which revives and inspires you. While you enjoy a certain amount of solitude you respond to companion-ship which is necessary if you are to make progress. You like to keep abreast of affairs and are a good conversationalist. You are the type to join clubs and groups where you meet people for you know the unhappiness that loneliness can bring. However, you do not mix easily and you envy those who find it natural. Any feeling of social awkwardness you may experience is the result of keeping people at a distance. This is not a fault—it is simply your nature to keep people at arm's length. You will climb alone on the long road to success.

People are not sure what you are thinking, and you will never change. There is a corner of your heart that no one will ever see. As a child others called you a “stick-in-the-mud” for you could never join in silly games and be one of the mob. As you get older your loneliness and serious outlook will mellow and you will become wiser and more tolerant. Those who really get to know you appreciate your friendship. You think it is wise to steer clear of an argument for you like to keep the peace, but if you are pushed too far, you do “blow up/’ A violent quarrel may end a long relationship, and you will start off again on your ambitious way. You leave a job and end a friendship with the same forcefulness and are inspired anew with fresh plans.

Your patience, perseverance and solidity are outstanding and you are always reliable. Serious-minded in your approach, you quietly go about whatever you have to do. You are modest in your tastes and the simple things in life give you much pleasure. You are fond of all that is old, for which you have great respect. Tradition and custom have a great influence on your life. You have both feet on the ground at all times and can exert great self-control if need be. You can apply yourself to almost any job with great industry and you seem to thrive on hard work. You are very thoughtful of others and can prove a tower of strength to those weaker than yourself. You enjoy helping them and you can meet any demand upon your resources. This adds to your confidence and you like a free hand to organize and use your keen business sense. Your ambition must be given every opportunity, for if it is blocked you will become miserable. It is your nature to organize your surroundings and those you come in contact with; in doing so you can bring about much good not only for yourself but others as well.

Like others, you have your faults. Your approach to life is too conventional and austere. Your urge to progress is held back by your old-fashioned ideas. You worry too much about the future in-stead of going forward to meet it. You have the ability and energy to cope with it—do not be so pessimistic. You waste time being moody and tend to be indecisive. Your desire for a high standing before the world and an important place in society sometimes makes you too materialistic. You take advantage of others and the resulting benefits make you greedy and lead to downright selfishness and craftiness. You are sometimes carried away by thriftiness to the extent of meanness.

You are severe with yourself and others and your friends sometimes find you cold and stand-offish. You lessen your chance of meeting interesting people by being too critical and cautious. You have to learn to see another's viewpoint. You are often hard to please and are easily disappointed if you do not get what you want. You are afraid of being overshadowed and want recognition of your superiority. You should control your calculating nature, and moderate your urge to manage others. If you can get over your fear of ridicule you will stop nursing grievances for so long. A Capricorn finds it hard to forgive anyone who has harmed him even when the in-jury is unintentional. Nevertheless, you make the world go round and pay dividends to everybody. To “know yourself” is the secret of a happy, well-adjusted mind and way of life. You have the ability to understand your faults; it is up to you to overcome them.

Capricorn compatible with Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

Incompatible with Aries, Cancer, Libra.

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