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Capricorn Love and Romance

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Although you are not especially romantic, this does not mean that you have no affections or feelings. You are intellectual rather than emotional, and are conventional in your approach to love-making. You are careful always to do the right thing and are very conscious of your partner's feelings. Your heart is governed by your mind and you have no time for flirtations. You restrain yourself where love is concerned, and there is never any danger of someone being misled as to how you feel. You do not give away your affection until you are absolutely sure in your own mind that it is worthwhile. Although you are pretty sure about what you want, you do not often take the lead in romance. The affairs you do have are always sincere.

You are inclined to put your career before romance and seldom let yourself go with anyone unless you can in some way benefit. It is difficult for those attracted to your charm to understand your hesitancy. You are secretive and do not reveal your real feelings. Once you make a decision you are likely to end an attachment quickly, whereas you develop one slowly. You find love difficult to define and put it to one side, but you will still look for someone whom you can love and who will love you in return.

You take life seriously and are a possessive lover easily made jealous. You become cold and aloof and can “climb into your shell” when misunderstood or offended.

Although what you are looking for may take some time to find, there is happiness in store for you, as you are faithful in love. You are capable of making great sacrifices and are unchanging in your affection.

You do not fall in love unless you are sure it is “the real thing,” and it is likely that marriage will come late in life for you. You will have to search for the right one, and you are very selective in choosing your partner. Those you do not care for get the impression that you are being “choosy” and that you think you are “too good” for them. They call you a snob and are annoyed at your determination to find the right path. They think you are heartless when your selectiveness makes you discard people. You may feel that you are too idealistic and you may become depressed, but your ambition carries you on.

You attach great importance to the dignity of marriage, and it plays a great part in your plans for the future. De-spite your reserve, which will have to diminish if you are to find happiness, you need affection and companionship. An exciting partner is best suited to you and will keep you guessing. You should not expect all the attention you want from a quieter and more placid mate. Sometimes there is a difference in age and social standing between you and your partner. It is important that your partner in marriage is with you all the way, for if you are dragged down in any manner you will feel depressed and become moody. You will feel lonely, misunderstood and full of self-pity. It will be difficult for you both to make a go of things.

You may run the risk of neglecting the home and partner for outside interests. You like to play an active part in life around you and are inclined to think there are other important things besides marriage. To be tied down does not appeal to you. You become uncomfortable, for you like to lead a life of your own. If you find someone who permits you to do this you will be satisfied and you will allow them to do likewise in return. In this way you will both lead harmonious lives.

The CAPRICORN WIFE is likely to be somewhat masculine in appearance and temperament. She is dependable, faithful, capable and systematic. She is ideal for the man who wishes his home life to run smoothly and does not seek emotional or spiritual companionship. Likewise, the CAPRICORN HUSBAND is seldom a good emotional companion for his wife; he does not have the knack or the willingness to give even a part of himself to create an atmosphere of enjoyment. He falls in readily with the domestic scheme, but adds little to its spiritual success. His basic nature is selfish; although there may be plenty of money he will not allow his wife much domestic freedom of action. The entire household is directed by him and he is often obstinate and unreasonable. This strict discipline may mean a smooth routine, but not necessarily a happy home.

The CAPRICORN WIFE is an efficient housekeeper who is a slave to duty. Men prefer more warmth and less perfection. She is an excellent cook and economist, a good hostess and is ambitious for her husband's and children's success in the world. She is an admirable type of woman, wanting most of all affection and encouragement to bring forth all her loyalty which, once given, lasts always.

A CAPRICORN HUSBAND is a good provider, for he is ambitious and successful in business most of the time. His selfish personality is tempered by those around him and it would be unfair to say that he is incapable of experiencing softer moods. He is often an agreeable person who enjoys a successful marriage in what others might consider a somewhat routine manner.

   You are basically fond of children, although you will probably not have many. You cherish those you have and are interested in them as individuals. You never underestimate their feelings or intelligence. You sometimes forget that their childish ways need a little understanding and sympathy. They will be delighted when you unbend a little and join in their games.

A Capricorn child seems ahead of his years in what he says and does. He is a quiet little being who likes to play by himself.

You have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and woe betide your children when they overstep the mark. You are well-meaning in your discipline, but should be careful of being too severe as you will only antagonize them. Nagging will only break their spirits, and there is so much you can do to mold them into individuals capable of facing life. They will profit from what you pass on, as you will be keen to see they do not make your mistakes.

Although you are outwardly not very affectionate, your love for your children is very strong. Their welfare comes first, and you will work hard to give them a good education and a fine start in life.