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Cancer Traits

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There is a strong domestic side to your nature. You are a home lover and are devoted to your family. Sometimes you are prejudiced against outsiders and allow the family and home to become the be-all and end-all of your existence. The home and garden mean the world to you and you may have a fear of change in any form. Your love of the past and of old things is very strong, and you are inclined to collect things and store them away. Your cupboards and kitchen are rarely empty. You are fond of travel, but you must always have a home to come back to. You like a beautiful home and, when young, are fond of your parents and home surroundings. When you have your own home you will go to a great deal of trouble to make it secure and comfortable. Your home must appeal to the romantic side of your nature; for it is there that you want to find sympathy and love.

Your friends may think you sensitive, retiring and unassuming, but underneath you are dying to be given the opportunity to come to the fore and be noticed. If your friends overlook you, ignore or neglect you, you become moody and peevish. Self-centeredness is behind many of your reactions and it holds you back, because your senses are so acute and your imagination so active that you are inclined to let any hurt or slight affect you more seriously than it should. Your confidence is undermined and your friends will not want to be worried by your troubles and fears.

You like to talk over the old days with your friends, for you have a good memory and never forget the friends you have made and the times you have had together. Your intuition tells you when you have found a real friend, and should you lose one it a great loss for you. You may idealize and spoil those you like, especially if they appeal to your romantic and imaginative nature. You will never forget any kindness they show you and in time you will forgive a wrong done to you.

While still subject to extreme sensitiveness, if you are of the stronger type you are able to control your emotions. Although you are capable of deep and understanding sympathy, you express it somewhat judiciously. You are able to develop the spiritual side of your nature by delving into the problems of the soul and the unknown. Your imagination is vivid and you can sense other people's feelings and thoughts easily and “feel” atmosphere readily.

Your love of your home often develops into patriotism. Your sense of tradition is generally strong. You are receptive to the new and attached to the old. You are com-passionate and tolerant, and your friends and family will find you tender, gentle and always ready to help. Your sense of humor is dry and kindly, never vindictive. You are more positive and active in your ways than the weaker type of Cancer.

The weaker types of Cancer find life difficult to cope with. They are rather spineless and unable to make a positive effort in any direction. They should overcome their timidity by constructive effort with practical results. They are touchy about their softness and frequently develop an inferiority complex or cocksureness to overcome it. They seek security and something stable upon which to pin their hopes. Both strong and weak types find the home with its background of protective love a necessity. They also have a great love of the past and an exaggerated idea of the “good old days.”

The weaker types want to be sheltered, protected and given their own way, to be petted and never offered any opposition. The home offers safety and a haven from reality. If you are a weaker type you may have plenty of feeling but it may have not much depth. Your affection may not develop into true love and you may live purely for sensation and flattery. You may drift along, worrying as you go, and become secretive. You tend to be overanxious about the future, but your lack of enterprise and indifferent attitude make you seek the easy way out. You are passive and lazy and have no plan for life. Once you realize this and pay less attention to sentimentalities and vanity, you will be on the right road.

Cancer compatible with Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini.

Incompatible with Libra, Capricorn, Aries.

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