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Cancer Love and Romance

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For you, love is frequently a whim of the moment which you cannot even attempt to explain. There are times when you are more than usually susceptible to another's approach, according to your mood. Once you really fall for somebody, your imagination and feeling come into full play. Depending on whom you come in contact with, you may need to withdraw into yourself every now and then to regain confidence and so avoid a dominating or nagging attitude, which is brought on only by a feeling of insecurity. You are adaptable and personalities exert a great influence upon you.

You have a basically possessive nature and can be overbearing and jealous. Sometimes your romance suffers, for you can be thin-skinned and worry over fancied slights.

If you and your lover do not see eye to eye, you can become remarkably stubborn and determined. Nevertheless, you are very much influenced by those you love.

Life is dull for you without romance. You are affection-ate and loyal and can be self-sacrificing where love is concerned. You give the impression of being restless, changeable and fickle. Your loved one means everything to you and you may have a hard time finding the one who can measure up to the ideal you have in mind—your standards are high. Sometimes they are too high and you are hurt when he or she proves to be less than you expect. Although you cannot afford to make a mistake, perhaps you could be less critical. You are careful in finding your love, but once you do your affection rarely falters. You may play ‘‘hard to get,” but once the right one comes along you are easy to keep.

This is an opportunity to settle down, for a home and family are very important to you. A happy marriage and home life is everything to you and you enjoy your family to the full. You realize it means a complete, normal life for you and you look forward to it. While you look for romance in marriage, often it may be one of convenience because you want to feel anchored. Sometimes your love of change may disturb you emotionally, but your material instincts for marriage and home offset this by taking up all your thought and energy.

The CANCER HUSBAND may be fussy and exacting, but he is also warm and affectionate. The CANCER WIFE may be moody and possessive and demanding of the time and efforts of her family, but she is sincerely devoted to them and genuine in her efforts. Of all wives she is the most motherly. At her best she is sympathetic, affectionate, patient, devoted, adaptable and satisfied with anything her husband provides for her. Her home is wherever her husband decides it should be and she makes it her business to give it a permanent, established look. She knows how to look after him and is loved and respected in return for her devotion.

Sometimes the CANCER HUSBAND is not easy to live with, despite his easy going nature. He may love his home but is passive, lazy and self-indulgent and he may marry for money or status or for any reason that will bring him domestic comfort and an established position. He often gets what he wants because he can be agreeable when he chooses to be.

It is easy for the CANCER GIRL to marry, for she is naturally sympathetic and inclined towards marriage. She needs protection and it will come to her; if she lacks character, she will need the help and guidance of her husband. She may put her husband on a pedestal and, if he fails her, she will probably suffer emotional shock. She is able to offer her husband spiritual strength in return for his guidance in meeting life's problems.

The CANCER HUSBAND means to be devoted and his whole mind is wrapped up in his wife and family, but often he spoils his good intentions by interfering in household routine. He is never satisfied and he can always find something to criticize or complain about. He may be possessive and is usually faithful.

You are happy with a large family. Adequate support and thorough education of the children are very important to you. If you have many children they may reflect your varying moods. Cancer women make excellent mothers and the protective instinct is strong in Cancer men.

You willingly shoulder your responsibilities, and al-though your children may seem a burden at times, you can give up pleasures in favor of duty. This brings its reward, for your children are devoted to you.

Cancer children are extremely impressionable. Their imaginations are fertile and they may hero-worship other children. Their parents should realize they need emotional understanding and attention. They may even enjoy punishment if it brings them into the limelight for a while.