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Aries Traits

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You are a real home-lover and family man at hearty and you like to have children around you. You look for security in a home; Aries women make good mothers and fine housekeepers. You are handy about the house and work hard to beautify it. You show good taste here and have a keen sense of color. You want to make it a place where you can completely relax and be happy. You cannot bear to be restrained and need complete freedom for real happiness. You are an excellent host and like your friends to drop in any time. As you are such good company, they are always pleased to come, and you are never lacking in friends who think highly of you and your home.

Aries family bonds are founded on a strong love and they will remain so with your guidance. You will go out of your way to keep harmony in your home.

Aries men and women are usually generous friends. You like to have many friends, especially new ones, and it is easy for you to strike up a fresh acquaintance. You are always ready to replace the old with the new, and this applies to your friendships. You make them spontaneously and they are intimate. Sometimes this kind of friendship becomes too close; you become very fond of people and place them on a pedestal. Should anyone else show them attention you become very jealous and possessive. You bully them and they are hurt. Another way you lose your friends is by treating them carelessly, or by being indiscreet with the little intimacies they pass on to you. On the whole, you do not take the trouble to analyze your fellow man, which is necessary if you are to know how to make lasting friendships.

Strength and energy are your greatest assets, combined with generosity. You have plenty of personality and inspiration and you use your head. Brains, not muscle, are your driving power. A person of enterprise and plenty of go, you are a born leader and in-spire others to action. Your enthusiasm and zest for living is catching and others will follow you. You meet life's challenges with vigor and even seem to thrive on them. Your policy is to attack life, to keep moving and not wait for it to come to you. You have little time for the negative, slow approach to life. For you it is busy and interesting and you like it to be fast and furious. In spite of this urge to do everything quickly, you do not wear out because you thrive on it and generate new life and energy.

You could not care less about old age or that “rainy day,” for they never catch up with you. Your youthful qualities keep you young and hopeful. Although you are sometimes down it is not for long, for you have courage to overcome setbacks and soon regain your sense of humor.

Like others, you have your faults. In your brisk way you say what you think and are not always discreet and tactful. You are impatient and too quick to be thorough. For you it is more important to do things quickly and forcefully than to be careful how you do them and how they will turn out.

You may find it very difficult to be impartial. You have to go all the way—there is nothing half-hearted about you. If things do not come your way you will become restless and moody and go “looking for fight.” Then you are temperamental and pig-headed, rude and inconsiderate. You can be sarcastic and very abrupt in what you say and do. You have a sudden change of humor and are a totally different person.

It is important for you to keep your strong egotistical qualities to the fore. A reversal of form or change of events may find you nervous, timid and halting, afraid or “yellow.” Conflicting forces within yourself as the result of some emotional experience or destructive influence may bring this side of your personality to light, with disastrous effects. Instinctively you know that things are not right and that you are not your real self. You must rid yourself of the emotional block or whatever it is that is holding you back. The remedy is up to you.

Aries compatible with Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

Incompatible with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

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