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Aries Love and Romance

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An Aries feels that everything natural is right. Sometimes he lets himself go too much and is extremely frank.

Enthusiastic in everything you do, so you are in love. You are eager for affection and need it for that extra confidence that will make you a true success in life. Those near and dear to you are very important. You are good-natured in a rough kind of way, and your charm and personality make you very attractive to the opposite sex. You are not a dreamer where love is concerned. Instead, you take practical steps to gain this essential. Your head tells you that you need lasting affection, but you also want freedom and adventure in love. To be really happy you will have to realize that you cannot have both.

Often the Aries man is handsome but unapproachable-hard to get The Aries woman may have a frosty, aristocratic style of beauty, for both, a little softening of the dominant Aries nature would be a good thing, for Aries people are hard to live with. They are often so demanding and aggressive that the strain of keeping pace with them is very great.

If your romances do not turn out for the best, it may be on account of your impatience, rashness, temper and the many emotional storms that you both have to weather.

You have a flair for romance and are passionate and spontaneous. There are no half measures for you where love is concerned. Your whole heart and soul are in it. You like to take the lead in your love affairs right from the start. You are likely to nave many of them, as you are flirtatious and fickle. You have a roving eye and a new love will charm and amuse you. If it lasts, it is because the object of your affection is so “sold” on you that he or she keeps you completely delighted. Should you launch into a fresh romance, an old love will have to take a back seat. There does not seem to be anything “forever after” about your love, but once you have found the right one your love is lasting.

It is a mistake to contemplate this in the same light as your flirtations. This must be permanent, and you must give yourself plenty of time to lay the basis for a lasting partnership. Be careful before you take the big step and do not do anything on the spur of the moment. This is one occasion where you cannot afford to make a rash decision or much harm will be done to you and the person involved. Many Aries do not “know themselves’’ until full maturity, when it is undoubtedly safest to contemplate matrimony.

More than one marriage is often necessary to find happiness for the Aries man and woman. They are not easy to live with and when young often make unsuitable selections of sweetheart or mate. If events make it possible for them to make a choice when they are about thirty-five years old, the chances of choosing wisely are good. The vitality to marriage they contribute makes them interesting partners.

As you are a positive type, the best partner for you is a quiet and adoring one who is a foil for your aggressive ways. There is less chance of finding happiness if you are married to a type similar to yourself. It would probably mean only continual bickering, with marriage becoming one argument after another. This clash of characters leads to emotional interplay and, naturally, a certain amount of tension and strain. You could easily carry this too far. However, the satisfaction and enjoyment of making up could become a binding factor.

Your partner will draw upon your energy and find you a source of vitality. You in turn will gain something from him or her and grow mentally and emotionally. The right mate can make your marriage and you a success. Changing your partner to suit yourself will be your natural inclination, but it is better to adjust yourself. It is a case of give and take on both sides. Be sure to give as well as take, and happiness is yours.

Most women find the ARIES HUSBAND a very desirable partner, for he is the kind of man most girls are looking for, but by appearance and temperament he is a little hard to acquire. This is because he is fussy and precise about what he wants. He has a romantic and idealized picture of what he wants in a wife, and all too often expects perfection. She must be beautiful, clever and very good. He has a rather conventional outlook regarding marriage and does not tolerate anything but strictly correct behavior.

The ARIES WIFE is a wonderful partner for an ambitious man, for she is a witty, clever conversationalist and socially-minded. She generally has a fine independent mind, and, if she is not willing to help her husband in business, may have some side-line of her own. This may be a rather unusual outlet, for she is an unconventional woman. She is efficient, wide-awake, generous and companionable.

The ARIES HUSBAND has a romantic appeal to the woman he marries throughout life, for he is ardent, proud and full of personality.

The ARIES WIFE also has pride as one of her out-standing qualities; pride not only in her appearance but in her home and family. Sometimes she may cause jealousy and resentfulness by making it plain to others mat she considers her own family far superior.

Her worst faults are jealousy and a desire for a competitive social life. She knows that she is good and wants her husband to give all his attention to her and never praise anyone else. She shines at all social functions and is particularly capable as the guiding hand in any important gathering, putting people at ease and making introductions. In society the Arian woman is at her best, completely at ease, witty and with terrific vitality.

She is well suited to a very possessive man and is capable of great self-sacrifice for her family. If she marries a retiring man, she would be too overpowering and sub-merge him in her activity in the home and with her boundless affection. An aggressively masculine man suits her best; she loves only the man she can greatly admire and would be a great asset to him. His ability to control her is an important part of her devotion to him and he must be sure to keep her esteem. She is his for life if he lets her look up to him and keeps a dominant hold of the household.

To be childless is unnatural for you. You are at ease with and understand a child's ways. At heart you are very youthful and children find you great fun, since you enjoy playing practical jokes and teasing them. (Boys born in Aries are often the leaders of the “larks” at school and camp and will be rough rather than cruel) Older children accept you as one of the gang and you are always ready to play with them. They will let you beat them at a game if it means that you will play with them again.

Although you would rather not be tied down by responsibility, you are happy to have children. Kiddies are delighted with your bright personality and find you an affectionate parent who will join in the fun.

However, you must exercise restraint in planning your children's careers as you are inclined to become overbearing if the family does not measure up to your standards or will not accept your opinion as the final word. Social prominence is all important and you are happiest when your children are in the spotlight.