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Aquarius Traits

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You like a nice home where you can entertain, for you are very sociable. It is likely to be modern in style and artistically furnished. It will have the most modern appliances for it gives you a thrill to bring them home and demonstrate them to an admiring family. No old-fashioned methods for you—you must have every time-saving device that your pocket allows. Too much activity in your home annoys you, for you like to be by yourself now and then. You like social life and join clubs and societies, but you also like solitude. You have a strong need for it and like to withdraw into yourself. It is then that you are able to appreciate the arts which play such an important part in your life. Your home and family must never possess you and, while you have a deep feeling for them, you still manage to maintain your independence.

Of all types you make the best friends. In your relations with friends, business associates and loved ones you are at your best. You enjoy human contacts and are very friendly. You frequently number among your friends eccentric people and colorful characters.

This sometimes has bad results, for you are easily influenced, are inclined to trust everyone, and always believe a hard-luck story. You may be deceived and suffer loss as a consequence. This is never a lesson for you, for you like to study your fellow man at close quarters. You are always eager to observe human conduct under all kinds of conditions. A person is never entirely bad to you, even when he is openly corrupt. You are always willing to give a great deal of yourself and usually receive considerable satisfaction in return. Your friendship is appreciated by all those who have the privilege of knowing you. Friendship with you has an inspiring quality that helps to raise every relationship to its highest form. You are loyal to your acquaintances and, when you are understood, keep true friendships throughout life. They are dear and close to you and you realize that these associations form one of the bases of life. Your friends appreciate the way you do not meddle in their affairs, for you know that too much intimacy breeds contempt.


You are a quiet, humane individual with a basic ideal of the “brotherhood of man,” which accounts for your Bohemian tastes. You have a straightforward nature and, although your temper is not to be overlooked, you seldom bear any malice. You can be genial and amusing; you are strong willed and pursue an object with great determination. Your achievements will be due to your devotion to duty. You like to travel a good deal for all sorts of reasons; you like movement of all kinds and your own personality easily adapts itself to ardent causes. Truth and sincerity are your strong points. You have a brilliant mind with inventive ability and can make much of your life if you resist the temptation to become a dreamer and do not allow yourself to drift. You know what you should be doing, but it is easier sometimes to find excuses for not doing it.


Although you have many of the likable qualities of the good Aquarius, you lack his constructive ability. You can be destructive, for you stir up conditions of discontent and dissatisfaction in your environment. With many assurances that all is well, you proceed merrily along, lacking the ability to adjust matters. You can talk yourself into good jobs and then proceed to hold them by fooling the boss. You may be erratic and unreliable and your incapability is usually revealed by some accident. You may make so much trouble by your nosiness, tiresome interference and upsetting point of view that it takes the combined efforts of a good many people to undo the confusion created. Your natural aloofness often makes you oblivious to the reactions of others. Your independence may be resented and you may easily become touchy and argumentative. Your offensiveness makes you unpopular and breaks up your friendships.

Pride and vanity are your weaknesses and you hate to be criticized. You plan to make your way through life under your own steam, guided by your own convictions, so that often your way is contrary to that of everyone else. You are too sensitive about personal remarks and you can take umbrage over the smallest details and become suspicious. Although you have progressive ideas they may be ultra-modern. You may not be particularly enterprising and, if you do strike out, it is often in some uncommon pursuit which may be unconventional in the bad sense. Many consider your disposition to be peculiar and incalculable. You lack common sense and spend much time in abstract thought. You would be more successful if you were a little more practical and less idealistic.

Aquarius compatible with Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

Incompatible with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio.

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