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Aquarius Love and Romance

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You have a slight tendency to prefer universal love to personal love. Usually you look for some mutual mental interest in your loved one and, when you do find an intellectual companion who appeals to you, you are faithful forever.

You, Aquarius, may seek an ideal person, one who’s intellectual and emotional resources equal your own. You will not tolerate anything else and, if your loved one does not measure up to your standards, you may fall out of love without any explanation.

You are not usually excessively affectionate. In comparison with warm and passionate lovers you may seem quite cold. However, you have your own rides, and your strong sense of personal liberty makes you a difficult person to possess. You usually demand a large measure of freedom and seclusion in romance and marriage. You never give up your privacy or your right to do as you please. Underneath this urge for expression of your free will you are strongly affectionate. Although you do not show it readily, you are sensitive and can be led but not driven.

You may have many romances and often it is a case of being in love with love, as you do not always know your own mind. Your heart may rule your head and, as you do things on impulse, you may make mistakes.

You are attractive to the opposite sex and your partner will have to understand your true nature to enjoy your love to the full.

Intellectual and spiritual companionship is essential if the marriage of an Aquarius is to be a success.

Your married life is usually peaceful, and you are strongly attached to each other over a long period. You do not want to be boss and run the household, but you resent enforced obedience. Apart from this you are usually faithful and constant. You love your family, but sometimes when you are busy with other matters they may feel you are losing interest in them.

The Aquarius woman does not slip into matrimony with ease, and yet she is better equipped for it than others. She is capable, intellectual, discerning, adaptable and often very talented.

She has a man's ability to accomplish a day’s work without grumbling and fatigue, coupled with the ability to be a fine housekeeper. She is also an excellent companion.

She attracts people with her easy manner, makes her home a social center and has wide interests. It would never occur to her to watch her husband's actions with suspicion or try to check up on how he spends his spare time. She naturally trusts him. Her own behavior is beyond reproach. She is one of the kindest people in the world and would rather suffer herself than cause others unhappiness.

The AQUARIUS HUSBAND is one of the most kind and generous of all   types. His is an open-handed spirit and giving without thought of return or reward is part of his character.

He is not normally an ardent lover, but accepts marriage as part of the domestic scheme. It is generally a success for him as he is co-operative. He is gracious and understands the necessities for harmony.

The AQUARIUS WIFE is basically unconventional. Should she wish to change partners, and be sufficiently justified in doing so, she will make the change without hesitation.

Emotionally she is very responsive, but her intellect rules her and she is most appreciated as a wife when married to an intelligent man whose work she can share and who is able to use her abilities on his own behalf.

The AQUARIUS HUSBAND is considerate, a perfect gentleman in every way and treats his wife and family with the same consideration that he shows to strangers.

His impersonality is a drawback in marriage. Many women seem to prefer the somewhat selfish dominance of the more possessive type to his broadminded attitude. It seems more like lack of interest, particularly to self-centered wives who want all the attention of their husbands. The Aquarius man's domestic life would be far more successful if he were married to a highly intellectual woman whose work in the world is as important as his own broad interests.

Both sexes may enter a marriage of convenience quite happily if they feel there is mental attraction. They may both live happily if their partners accept their belief that there are other interests in the world besides love.

If your partner does not object to your aloofness and the way in which you withdraw, it will be an excellent partnership. If your partner's intellect is on the same level as your own, you will not grow bored.

You do not look down on children but treat them as individuals, and they respect you in turn. You treat them in an intelligent way and so give them the confidence which brings out their natural abilities.

You have an affinity to children, as there is something strangely immature about you. They quickly find out that you have a wonderful supply of stories and games. You are well able to cope with their childish ways and will not stand for any nonsense. They are usually well-behaved in your company, for they find they cannot upset you easily.

Aquarius children should never be treated as anything other than equals. Their natural aptitudes should be encouraged and they should be urged to project their original ideas and thoughts.